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Evening Telegraph, Jan 31

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2011        The Raising of the Exocet: The use of heritage charm to sanitise warfare and the beginnings of postmodern war representation in the Malvinas/Falklands conflict [Paper given by Will Barton at 9th Annual International Conference on Communication and Mass Media, Athens Institute for Education and Research, 16-19 May Athens, Greece.]

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2015         In Search of the Portrait of a Dead WITCH  News release, The National Museum of Computing website

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2016         Rare computer portrait rediscovered in Manchester   ITV News online, 23 Feb

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2016         TNMOC Celebrates the rediscovery of the Portrait of a Dead Witch  www.totalmk.co.uk 

2016         The National Museum of Computing in Milton Keynes helps find rare portrait of early computer  One MK online    

2016         Portrait of world’s oldest computer rediscovered in Manchester cafe  Guardian online     

2016         Long-lost painting of world’s oldest computer found on cafe wall  Newsweek online  

2016         Portrait of the world’s oldest computer found in Manchester   British Council online  

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2017         Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art  Catalogue

2017         Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art#Future  CuratingCoventry.wordpress.com