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2 Bienal International Arte De Gaia, Portugal, July to September 2017

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    John Yeadon was invited to exhibit at the 2 Bienal International Arte De Gaia, Portugal, 8th July to 30th September.

Control Rooms at Class Room

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Control Rooms at Class Room 27th January – 16th February 2017   16 Lower Holyhead Road, Coventry CV1 3AU   The source of these digital assisted paintings, drawings and watercolours are of images I photographed from the television of documentaries on Sellafield Nuclear Power Station and images culled from the internet on the theme “Man and Machine“. Though not averse to humour and wit in art I resisted calling this exhibition – “Men Playing With Knobs“. However, there is some truth with this Freudian relationship […]


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ELBHANGFEST: Coventry-Dresden Arts Exchange: Exhibition in Dresden, Germany Artists - John Yeadon, Matthias Bausch, Mandy Havers, Kerstin Franke-Gneuß, Cressida Haughton, Karen Koschnick, Matthew Macaulay, Volker Lenkeit, Joanne Bannister, Christian Manss, Ashley Spindler, Kornelia Thümmel, David Beaumont, Monika Marten.        

Yeadon’s “Englandia” Exhibition, L/Spa

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  Review of the exhibition by Nick Smale and published in Artspace can be found here

“On Paper” – Dresden Exhibition

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On Paper, exhibition of 5 Coventry artists and 5 Dresden artists at the Galerie 2 Stock, Rathaus in Dresden, 3rd June – 30th July 2014, curated by John Yeadon and Jean Kirsten.

Yeadon’s Dresden Exhibition

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He’s Back! Browns, Coventry April – June 2013

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Exhibition by the Coventry/Dresden Arts Exchange

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Yeadon showing in Leamington ..

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Yeadon exhibits in the Artery Show ..

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