1001 Boys Games

1001 Boys Games is an exhaustive list, a personal, often vulgar and cynical collection of possible male activities, attitudes, sayings and word games, which form the script of a performance, first performed by Yeadon at Events Week, Coventry Polytechnic in 1984. This text, over 2,000 lines, is a marathon reading which lasts for over one hour and is a hypnotic endurance test for audience and performer alike.

John Yeadon collaborated with Steve Partridge on the video One Thousand and One Boys Games, in 1984, which combines computer-generated drawings by Yeadon from his Impossible Lovers series, (see the Happy Families section on the Art menu for ‘Impossible Lovers’) with animation and digital video effects in a stream of images complementing the narration of the ‘poem’ by the dramatist Tom McGrath. (a Quantel Paintbox and a BBC micro computer were used to create the hundreds of ‘cells’ features in the work).

Speech returns, but still highly manipulated, in Partridge’s tour-de-force 1001 Boys Games, 1984, a video-vision of John Yeadon’s chanted poem, recited by Yeadon, Tom McGrath and Partridge himself. Graphic text, line drawing and video image counterpose each other. The wit of the poem inspires the complex counter-rhythms of the video, just as Yeadon’s relentless and quasi-logical categories echo Partridge’s own taste for philosophical equations (as in the line ‘Boys called John; Boys not called John’, for example). Al Rees




Boys playing games.
Boys playing the game.
Boys playing the game of Kings.
Boys playing a game.
Boys having a game.
Boys having a good game.
Boys having a bad game.
Boys having an easy game.
Boys playing a bad game.
Boys playing a silly game.
Boys game on.
Boys gaming.
Boys being game
Boys eating game.
Boys killing game.
Boys playing dangerous games.
Boys playing easy games.
Boys playing silly games.
Boys playing ancient games.
Boys playing games with boys.
Boys playing dangerous games with boys.
Boys playing games on boys.
Boys playing a game on boys.
Boys playing a game on each other.
Boys playing a silly game on each other.
Boys playing with boys.
Boys playing with themselves.
Boys playing with each other.
Boys playing with other boys.
Boys playing with their own.
Boys playing with balls.
Boys playing with their balls.
Boys playing ball games.
Boys playing with their minds.
Boys playing mind games.
Boys playing at soldiers.
Boys playing badly.
Boys playing willingly.
Boys playing stick and top.
Boys playing leap frog.
Boys playing it up.
Boys playing up.
Boys playing up the street.
Boys playing see-saw.
Boys playing it down.
Boys playing around.
Boys playing around with boys
Boys playing around of golf.
Boys playing about.
Boys about to play.
Boys playing the fool.
Boys playing for time.
Boys playing out.
Boys playing in.
Boys playing and working.
Boys playing blind mans buff.
Boys playing ring, a ring o’roses.
Boys playing hide and seek.
Boys playing postman’s knock.
Boys playing doctors and nurses.
Boys playing cowboys and indians.
Boys playing cops and robbers.
Boys playing with toy boats.
Boys playing at being dead.
Boys playing dead.
Boys playing piggy back.
Boys playing with politics.
Boys playing with computers.
Boys playing with models.
Boys playing with animals.
Boys playing with wheel barrows.
Boys playing spinning tops.
Boys spinning tops.
Boys on top.
Boys playing sport.
Boys playing a contact sport.
Boys playing a dangerous sport.
Boys playing a competitive sport.
Boys watching sport.
Boys watching the sport of Kings.
Boys being sporty.
Boys being a sport.
Boys standing on their hands.
Boys standing on their heads.
Boys playing with their heads.
Boys playing at cartwheels.
Boys playing in the band.
Boys playing at being adults.
Boys playing naughty.
Boys playing beer and skittles.
Boys playing stick the donkey’s tail on.
Boys playing in the field.
Boys playing the field.
Boys playing in the same field.
Boys playing in the wilderness.
Boys playing in the scrap-yard.
Boys playing in the wasteland.
Boys playing in the swamp.
Boys playing in the Alpine village.
Boys playing on a Pacific island paradise.
Boys playing at king of the castle.
Boys playing with fireworks.
Boys playing with fire.
Boys playing with death.
Boys playing with life.
Boys playing with their own life.
Boys playing with other peoples lives.
Boys playing at being.
Boys playing at the beginning.
Boys playing at creation.
Boys playing at painting.
Boys playing at being revolutionaries.
Boys playing at being working class.
Boys playing at being prostitutes.
Boys playing at reading Marx.
Boys playing at disagreeing.
Boys playing at being agreeable.
Boys not entirely being wrong.
Boys playing it.
Boys playing at it.
Boys playing for it.
Boys playing it out
Boys playing it along.
Boys playing it for all it is worth.
Boys playing to win.
Boys playing tricks.
Boys playing old tricks.
Boys playing dirty tricks.
Boys playing new tricks.
Boys playing tricks on each other.
Boys playing on animals.
Boys playing on girls.
Boys playing on boys.
Boys playing tricks with art.
Boys playing for keeps.
Boys playing for boys.
Boys playing for prizes.
Boys playing for money.
Boys playing for fame.
Boys playing for time.
Boys playing the ‘cello.
Boys playing music.
Boys playing notes.
Boys playing merry hell.
Boys playing not playing.
Boys making sounds.
Boys making noises.
Boys blowing out candles.
Boys painting landscapes.
Boys sitting in a landscape.
Boys ploughing a non ideological field.
Boys working in the same field.
Boys flying kites.
Boys wrestling.
Boys clowning about.
Boys being naughty.
Boys being nice.
Boys reading about existentialism.
Boys being sick.
Boys being violently sick.
Boys eating worms.
Boys sitting on books.
Boys sitting on chairs.
Boys consolidating their base.
Boys will be boys.
Boys will be girls.
Boys who are boys.
Boys who are men.
Boys who are mean.
Boys who are adults.
Boys who are old.
Boys who are elderly.
Boys who are guys.
Boys who are blokes.
Boys who are fellows.
Boys who are beggars.
Boys who are rent.
Boys who are lost.
Boys who are broke.
Boys wondering what paintings are.
Boys on holiday.
Boys winning
Boys loosing.
Boys wishing they were artists.
Boys looking.
Boys looking after each other.
Boys looking after number one.
Boys looking after boys.
Boys looking for boys.
Boys looking for Sunday.
Boys looking at each other.
Boys looking at stuff.
Boys looking at a landscape.
Boys looking at the town.
Boys looking at politicians.
Boys looking at chairs.
Boys looking at nothing.
Boys looking at everything.
Boys looking at something.
Boys looking at boys.
Boys looking back at boys.
Boys looking at black.
Boys looking at green.
Boys giving it a second look.
Boys leaving a nasty taste in their mouths.
Boys drinking beer.
Boys driving cars.
Boys in the driving seat.
Boys as back seat drivers.
Boys shooting birds.
Boys inventing nuclear weapons.
Boys dancing.
Boys dancing with boys.
Boys dancing for joy.
Boys picking each others noses.
Boys listening.
Boys listening but not learning.
Boys hearing.
Boys seeing.
Boys looking but not seeing.
Boys drawing the line.
Boys drawing the line somewhere.
Boys having to draw the line.
Boys reading between the lines.
Boys drawing with a red pen.
Boys drawing life.
Boys life drawing.
Boys drawing from life.
Boys drawing from experience.
Boys drawing away.
Boys drawing back.
Boys drawing back from drawing.
Boys withdrawing.
Boys with a drawing.
Boys in the drawing room.
Boys in the life room.
Boys withdrawing to the drawing room.
Boys drawing the curtains.
Boys drawing somewhere.
Boys drawing something.
Boys drawing boys.
Boys drawing their breath.
Boys drawing the veil.
Boys drawing out.
Boys drawing it out.
Boys drawing it out as long as possible.
Boys drawing it in.
Boys hiding.
Boys wishing that they were not there.
Boys wishing that they were not here.
Boys not being here.
Boys not being there.
Boys not all there.
Boys being individuals.
Boys being Trotsky.
Boys sleeping.
Boys sleeping with Trotsky.
Boys sleeping like a log.
Boys sleeping with dolls.
Boys sleeping in Manchester.
Boys sleeping with girls.
Boys sleeping with boys.
Boys sleeping with dreams.
Boys resting in peace.
Boys being film stars.
Boys being porn stars.
Boys being geniuses.
Boys being atheists.
Boys not knowing
Boys wishing they were in a Trade Union.
Boys working.
Boys not working.
Boys being boring.
Boys being boring boys to death.
Boys boring a hole.
Boys digging a hole for themselves.
Boys not working hard enough.
Boys understanding what unemployment is.
Boys prattling.
Boys prattling on.
Boys not knowing who Franco was.
Boys looking at Picasso.
Boys voting Social Democrat.
Boys being fire-starters.
Boys eating Sunday dinner.
Boys inventing the Third World.
Boys living in Calcutta.
Boys visiting Greenland.
Boys reading about Mars
Boys receiving a post card from Reykjavik.
Boys fighting in El Salvador.
Boys masturbating in Liverpool.
Boys stuck in Birmingham.
Boys stuck in Birmingham for the night.
Boys writing poetry.
Boys reciting poems.
Boys performing.
Boys making a performance out of it.
Boys making lists.
Boys getting a lift.
Boys being taken out.
Boys not to be taken out.
Boys taking boys out.
Boys taking boys things out.
Boys being left out.
Boys being let out.
Boys not to be let out.
Boys coming out.
Boys being out.
Boys chilling out.
Boys freaking out.
Boys getting out.
Boys getting it out.
Boys getting it out there.
Boys getting out there.
Boys getting a hand out.
Boys getting a hand.
Boys getting out of hand.
Boys getting hard.
Boys being hard.
Boys doing it because it is hard.
Boys going out.
Boys going out of their minds.
Boys not minding.
Boys being mind numbingly stupid.
Boys being taken out.
Boys taking it out.
Boys taking it out in public.
boys taking it out on boys.
Boys taking it out on each other.
Boys being out dated.
Boys being out maneuvered.
Boys being out flanked.
Boys as outsiders.
Boys outside.
Boys inside.
Boys getting it in.
Boys coming in.
Boys staying in.
Boys being taken in.
Boys in fashion.
Boys out of fashion.
Boys being fashion victims.
Boys going without.
Boys going without it.
Boys going out with boys.
Boys going out with it.
Boys going out without it.
Boys going out like a light.
Boys going outside.
Boys going sideways.
Boys going inside out.
Boys going out like a light.
Boys being put out.
Boys being put out by friends.
Boys watching cigarettes go out.
Boys putting out cigarettes.
Boys putting up with cigarettes.
Boys putting up with it.
Boys putting up with boys.
Boys putting up boys.
Boys putting things up boys.
Boys putting fingers up at boys.
Boys putting fingers up at the world.
Boys putting boys up in their homes.
Boys putting boys up in bed.
Boys putting things up boys in bed.
Boys putting their fingers in it.
Boys putting fingers up boys.
Boys putting their fingers in pies.
Boys with their fingers in many pies.
Boys putting it in.
Boys putting the shot.
Boys shooting their load.
Boys shooting boys.
Boys shooting each other.
Boys shooting at boys.
Boys shooting all over the place.
Boys shooting on the wall.
Boys being big shots.
Boys who are the best shot.
Boys being taken for granted.
Boys having a quiet evening at home.
Boys with strange bed partners.
Boys getting into bed with the management.
Boys going to the launderette.
Boys waiting on the grass bit.
Boys sitting on the sofa in front of the tele.
Boys looking at a duck pond.
Boys in Death Valley.
Boys being vicious.
Boys being irascible.
Boys being attacked.
Boys being fake.
Boys being fraudulent.
Boys being facetious.
Boys being pluralist.
Boys being censured.
Boys being unreliable.
Boys being juvenile delinquents.
Boys being lunatics.
Boys being bullies.
Boys being bullied.
Boys at junior school.
Boys as railway fans.
Boys as model railway fans.
Boys as models.
Boys posturing.
Boys as poseurs.
Boys as fanatics.
Boys as rebels.
Boys being soppy.
Boys being potty.
Boys potty training.
Boys being open.
Boys opening it.
Boys opening their mouths.
Boys spreading their legs.
Boys opening their legs.
Boys being formal primitives.
Boys being low brow.
Boys being Teddy Boys.
Boys pretending to be taxidermists.
Boys not having the foggiest.
Boys not knowing what Erol Gay was.
Boys not knowing what gay is.
Boys not knowing about Hiroshima.
Boys not knowing about boys.
Boys not knowing about volcanos.
Boys not knowing what to do.
Boys not knowing what to do with themselves.
Boys fucking Alfred Jarry.
Boys fucking with Alfred Jarry.
Boys sitting on the settee.
Boys at Blind Biff’s Texas Evening.
Boys singing songs in ruins.
Boys in ruins.
Boys ruining boys.
Boys at a bus stop.
Boys up a tree.
Boys up a ladder.
Boys up for it.
Boys days.
Boys nights.
Boys wishing they were Alice.
Boys loosing fingers.
Boys loosing numbers.
Boys loosing it.
Boys having lost it.
Boys loosing dreams.
Boys looking at paintings that do not exist.
Boys looking at paintings that do not exist without history.
Boys looking at paintings that do not exist without words.
Boys looking at paintings that do not exist without me.
Boys looking at paintings that do not exist without you.
Boys looking at paintings without enigma.
Boys looking at paintings without mystery.
Boys looking at paintings without Museums.
Boys looking at paintings without girls.
Boys looking at paintings without history.
Boys looking at paintings without Mum and Dad.
Boys within.
Boys without.
Boys outside.
Boys upside down.
Boys without conditions.
Boys without enigma.
Boys without money.
Boys without work.
Boys without life.
Boys without a life.
Boys without beer.
Boys without boys.
Boys without themselves.
Boys without conscience.
Boys without consciousness.
Boys without friends.
Boys without ideas.
Boys without homes.
Boys without men.
Boys without history.
Boys without philosophy.
Boys without politics.
Boys without women.
Boys without Mothers.
Boys without sisters.
Boys without war.
Boys without it.
Boys with it.
Boys being with it.
Boys painting without conditions.
Boys painting without materials.
Boys painting without ideas.
Boys painting without me.
Boys with their hearts on their sleeves.
Boys with their hearts in their mouths.
Boys with their hearts in their throats.
Boys with their hearts in their boots.
Boys with no heart.
Boys with a black heart.
Boys with heart.
Boys who break-hearts.
Boys who are heart-broken.
Boys who are hearty.
Boys eating a hearty breakfast.
Boys eating heart.
Boys giving their heart.
Boys with dear hearts.
Boys being heart warming.
Boys with heart burn.
Boys having heart attacks.
Boys with a chip on their shoulders.
Boys with their hearts on their sleeve.
Boys with chips.
Boys with fish and chips.
Boys crying crocodile tears.
Boys in the light.
Boys in the limelight.
Boys in the dark.
Boys in the dark about it.
Boys in the dark about most things.
Boys thinking of Darkest Africa.
Boys dreaming of the dark side of the moon.
Boys with a dark side.
Boys looking through a telescope.
Boys looking through a microscope.
Boys not believing what they see.
Boys being vague.
Boys in vogue.
Boys being vogue.
Boys being dark.
Boys being light.
Boys in the dark.
Boys being blonde.
Boys being sexy.
Boys being slim.
Boys being tall.
Boys being short.
Boys being all shapes and sizes.
Boys being short and fat.
Boys being short of money.
Boys being without.
Boys being without it.
Boys being diplomatic.
Boys being all over the place.
Boys being monsters.
Boys being austere.
Boys being fat.
Boys being fatuous.
Boys being old.
Boys being young.
Boys being silly.
Boys being lard arses.
Boys looking at skyscrapers.
Boys looking up at clock towers.
Boys feeding an exited scribble in a cage.
Boys building a monument.
Boys making wallpaper.
Boys looking at canvases.
Boys looking at reflections.
Boys looking at mirrors.
Boys looking at a dirty settee.
Boys looking at sculpture.
Boys looking at baby Jesus.
Boys interested in dog beauty.
Boys discharging.
Boys discharged.
Boys having time.
Boys not having much time.
Boys having a dream.
Boys having a wet dream.
Boys mine sweeping.
Boys mind sweeping.
Boys miming.
Boys minding.
Boys in between.
Boys in between jobs.
Boys liking the bits in between.
Boys getting the bit between their teeth.
Boys in between ages.
Boys in between years.
Boys in between boys.
Boys in between brothers.
Boys in between homes.
Boys in between houses.
Boys in between walls.
Boys in between lovers.
Boys in between the sheets.
Boys in between the covers.
Boys in between each other.
Boys in a lazy hollow.
Boys having a quiet evening at home.
Boys in the valley of democracy.
Boys in a night shelter.
Boys in inner city decay.
Boys in decay.
Boys having a inner city crisis.
Boys hanging around.
Boys hanging out.
Boys loitering.
Boys picking pockets.
Boys pissing in the wind.
Boys pissing their pants.
Boys wanting a piss.
Boys having the piss taken.
Boys pissing around.
Boys taking the piss.
Boys pissing about.
Boys pissing through it.
Boys pissing off.
Boys pissed off.
Boys thinking it’s a piece of piss.
Boys pissing out.
Boys pissing in.
Boys pissing all over the place.
Boys being pissed.
Boys being shit hot.
Boys on heat.
Boys with the hots.
Boys sweating.
Boys feeling the heat.
Boys perspiring.
Boys transpiring.
Boys transpiring in the wilderness.
Boys being thirsty.
Boys getting drunk.
Boys being drunk.
Boys drinking.
Boys eating.
Boys eating it all up.
Boys with eating disorders.
Boys having negative associations with food.
Boys obeying orders.
Boys taking orders.
Boys not being able to take orders.
Boys ordering food.
Boys being right.
Boys getting it right.
Boys being right most of the time.
Boys being wrong.
Boys being right on.
Boys being left.
Boys being left out.
Boys being far left.
Boys being extreme right.
Boys not knowing their left from their right.
Boys not knowing their arse from their elbow.
Boys being slow.
Boys being fast.
Boys being low.
Boys being high.
Boys being on.
Boys being turned on.
Boys having their hair washed.
Boys having their brains washed.
Boys having their mouths washed.
Boys not being able to do a thing with it.
Boys not knowing what it’s for.
Boys not knowing what it’s all about.
Boys thinking that you only piss out of it.
Boys being caught up.
Boys brains melting in their trousers.
Boys having melt down.
Boys going down.
Boys going down on boys.
Boys giving head.
Boys feeling down.
Boys looking down.
Boys watching the sun go down.
Boys talking it down.
Boys talking it up.
Boys keeping it up.
Boys keeping up with it.
Boys upstaging.
Boys doing the washing up.
Boys listening up.
Boys being woken up.
Boys getting up.
Boys being dragged up.
Boys who are dragged down.
Boys talking down to people.
Boys going down on their knees.
Boys on their knees.
Boys on their knees to boys.
Boys kneeling.
Boys being forced to their knees.
Boys blowing off.
Boys blowing off steam.
Boys blowing it.
Boys blowing it out.
Boys blowing it up.
Boys having a blow job.
Boys blowing it off.
Boys sucking off.
Boys sucking boys off.
Boys sucking eggs.
Boys teaching their Grandmothers to suck eggs.
Boys sucking mouth organs.
Boys sucking boys.
Boys sucking up to people.
Boys sucking up to each other.
Boys sucking each other.
Boys sucking seeds.
Boys not succeeding.
Boys licking boots.
Boys licking arses.
Boys arse licking.
Boys arsing about.
Boys arsing around.
Boys being arsey in Leeds.
Boys succeeding.
Boys getting to the top.
Boys starting at the bottom.
Boys liking bottoms.
Boys liking tops.
Boys giving top.
Boys spinning tops.
Boys playing with tops.
Boys with whips and tops.
Boys whipping tops.
Boys being tops.
Boys feeling tops.
Boys being the top.
Boys who are top.
Boys on top.
Boys with lap tops.
Boys sitting on each others laps.
Boys tops.
Boys like toys.
Boys liking toys
Boys who are toys.
Boys seeing boys as toys.
Boys playing with toys.
Boys toying.
Boys toying about.
Boys toying with boys.
Boys toying with others.
Boys toying with philosophy.
Boys toying with ideas.
Boys toying with politics.
Boys toying with art.
Boys toying with whether or not to do the shopping.
Boys taking things into account.
Boys taking things on account.
Boys counting on things.
Boys counting on boys.
Boys counting.
Boys counting the days.
Boys looking at a wallet.
Boys being important.
Boys being impotent.
Boys with bleeding noses.
Boys crouching.
Boys peeping out.
Boys in green.
Boys in pink.
Boys in the pink.
Boys tickled pink.
Boys who are yellow.
Boys with a yellow streak down their spine.
Boys feeling blue.
Boys with the blues.
Boys playing the blues.
Boys having a blue period.
Boys having a pink period.
Boys in blue.
Boys in uniform.
Boys being hit by a policeman.
Boys who are black.
Boys who are black and blue.
Boys who are blue.
Boys who are reds.
Boys with the reds.
Boys seeing red.
Boys bleeding.
Boys in black.
Boys in the black.
Boys in a black mood.
Boys being black balled.
Boys being bowled over.
Boys being bold.
Boys being ignorant.
Boys being had.
Boys being had up.
Boys being naughty.
Boys being nice.
Boys having things in their pockets.
Boys making friends with monkeys.
Boys wishing they were blind.
Boys believing in God.
Boys wishing to live in America.
Boys being rude.
Boys being responsible.
Boys trampling on other peoples sensibilities.
Boys being sniffy.
Boys sniffing.
Boys sniffing glue.
Boys sniffing dogs.
Boys sticking their noses in it.
Boys sticking to boys.
Boys sticking to it.
Boys sticking pieces of paper together.
Boys fixing.
Boys fixing it.
Boys being fixed up.
Boys who are stuck up.
Boys bonding.
Boys bonding together.
Boys bonding things together.
Boys bonding with boys.
Boys stuffing.
Boys stuffing it.
Boys stuffing it in.
Boys stuffing it up a hole.
Boys stuffing stuff.
Boys stuffing the turkey.
Boys eating stuffing.
Boys stuffing white stuff up their noses.
Boys stuffing marbles up their noses.
Boys looking at stuff.
Boys on a bender.
Boys bending with the wind.
Boys bending the truth.
Boys bending over.
Boys bending forwards.
Boys bending over backwards.
Boys having a natural bend.
Boys being bent.
Boys fucking.
Boys fucking off.
Boys fucking it.
Boys fucking it up.
Boys fucking about.
Boys fucking boys.
Boys fucking girls.
Boys fucking with each other.
Boys fucking with their minds.
Boys being fucked senseless.
Boys making a fuck up.
Boys not giving a fuck.
Boys shagging.
Boys shagging it,
Boys shagged out.
Boys screwing.
Boys screwing around.
Boys screwed up.
Boys wanking.
Boys wanking off.
Boys fetching.
Boys farting in bed.
Boys tossing.
Boys tossing off.
Boys tossing and turning.
Boys not giving a toss.
Boys tossing the salad.
Boys selling newspapers.
Boys watching children’s television.
Boys not wishing to write anything.
Boys drinking coffee.
Boys living in a shit hole.
Boys washing the dishes.
Boys tidying the house.
Boys being housewives.
Boys being home husbands.
Boys dipping.
Boys dipping their wick.
Boys dipping their bread in it.
Boys dunking.
Boys dunking boys.
Boys liking leather.
Boys licking their plates.
Boys wearing boots.
Boys with long hair.
Boys with short hair.
Boys with no hair.
Boys with modern hair.
Boys with little hair.
Boys getting beards.
Boys growing pubic hair.
Boys being stared at.
Boys with the human touch.
Boys needing the human touch.
Boys touching humans.
Boys touching boys.
Boys touching their toes.
Boys with the touch.
Boys being touching.
Boys being touched.
Boys with the soft touch.
Boys who are touched.
Boys who are a bit touched.
Boys who are out of touch.
Boys who are out of the loop.
Boys who are loopy.
Boys with a soft spot.
Boys with a soft spot in their heart.
Boys with a soft spot in their head.
Boys with a soft spot in their arse.
Boys with a soft spot between their legs.
Boys with a soft spot for boys.
Boys who are soft.
Boys who are soft to the touch.
Boys in jeans.
Boys having to live with it.
Boys looking through records.
Boys listening to books.
Boys breaking records.
Boys eating books.
Boys burning books.
Boys burning boys.
Boys burning ideas.
Boys burning schools.
Boys with a temperature.
Boys with things they do not understand.
Boys not knowing what mirrors are.
Boys making faces in mirrors.
Boys wondering what clothes to wear.
Boys having nothing to wear.
Boys wearing t-shirts.
Boys wearing people down.
Boys wearing shoes.
Boys wearing their shoes out.
Boys wearing the backside of their trousers out.
Boys wearing an extra coat.
Boys wearing brushes down.
Boys wearing a pencil to nothing.
Boys putting on an extra coat of paint.
Boys getting stuck.
Boys getting struck.
Boys on strike.
Boys with bot rot.
Boys sleeping like a log.
Boys being comfortable in their inertia.
Boys enjoying optical illusions.
Boys being soft to the nostrils.
Boys being control freaks.
Boys as old farts.
Boys being miserable bastards.
Boys huffing and puffing.
Boys with dangerous dogs.
Boys with eye catching initiatives.
Boys being deluded.
Boys eating game pie.
Boys having too much to eat.
Boys drinking too much.
Boys avoiding Christmas.
Boys holding flowers.
Boys paying bills.
Boys eating soap.
Boys watching soaps.
Boys eating fish and chips.
Boys preferring what they know.
Boys preferring their own.
Boys liking what they know.
Boys knowing what they like.
Boys being students.
Boys buggering about.
Boys about to bugger.
Boys buggering.
Boys not giving a bugger.
Boys selling second hand cars.
Boys selling themselves.
Boys selling themselves down the river.
Boys looking for Man.
Boys looking for a man.
Boys looking for the man.
Boys looking for the original man.
Boys growing beards like Cubans.
Boys over stating.
Boys taking a telephone call.
Boys talking on the telephone.
Boys ringing boys.
Boys rimming.
Boys making a ring.
Boys forming a ring.
Boys running ring around each other.
Boys ringing each other.
Boys ringing in their ears.
Boys ringing each other up.
Boys ringing the bells.
Boys ring up the curtain.
Boys who ring true.
Boys who ring a friend up.
Boys who ring up a true friend.
Boys who are ring leaders.
Boys who ring birds.
Boys with sore rings.
Boys ringing the changes.
Boys ringing off.
Boys who ring their mothers regularly.
Boys calling their mothers.
Boys calling for joy.
Boys crying for joy.
Boys calling on a friend.
Boys calling next door.
Boys making a call.
Boys calling boys.
Boys listening on a party line.
Boys towing the party line.
Boys throwing a party.
Boys joining a party.
Boys having a party.
Boys feeling like a party.
Boys in a party mood.
Boys with headaches.
Boys stinking.
Boys stinking drunk.
Boys shrinking.
Boys being born.
Boys being born again.
Boys being born yesterday.
Boys not being born yesterday.
Boys being born on Christmas day.
Boys being born today.
Boys being born tomorrow.
Boys giving birth.
Boys giving death.
Boys giving life.
Boys creating boys.
Boys imagining boys.
Boys inventing boys.
Boys inventing God.
Boys inventing heros.
Boys needing heros.
Boys needing God.
Boys needing answers.
Boys loving boys.
Boys falling in love.
Boys falling in love with boys.
Boys loving answers.
Boys loving God.
Boys loving fish and chips.
Boys in a loving relationship.
Boys loving it.
Boys in love with it.
Boys in love with boys.
Boys blinded by love.
Boys love like dogs.
Boys days.
Boys nights.
Boys deep popping.
Boys keep bopping.
Boys keep swinging.
Boys keeping it up.
Boys keeping up with it.
Boys keeping it.
Boys holding on.
Boys holding hands
Boys keep hanging on.
Boys sleeping with boys.
Boys without boys.
Boys kissing boys.
Boys with cancer.
Boys kissing boys with cancer.
Boys being impossible.
Boys being a mess.
Boys being in a mess.
Boys being crawlers.
Boys being squealers.
Boys crawling.
Boys being lovers.
Boys eating bananas.
Boys skin crawling.
Boys eating skin.
Boys eating flesh.
Boys eating in.
Boys who flesh it out.
Boys enlarging themselves.
Boys getting bigger.
Boys growing.
Boys having growth pains.
Boys getting older.
Boys getting younger.
Boys body building.
Boys growing older
Boys growing larger.
Boys growing taller.
Boys growing their hair long.
Boys growing a garden.
Boys growing closer.
Boys growing further apart.
Boys growing closer to boys
Boys growing larger next to boys.
Boys growing larger looking at boys.
Boys enlarging their libido.
Boys going to school.
Boys not going to school.
Boys learning a lot.
Boys smoking behind the bicycle shed.
Boys having school sex.
Boys wanking behind the bicycle shed.
Boys gambling.
Boys gambling on it.
Boys betting.
Boys dipping.
Boys dipping their bread.
Boys dipping their wick.
Boys dipping it into it.
Boys putting it in.
Boys shaking it all about.
Boys putting it to others for consideration.
Boys putting it into a bucket.
Boys putting it into each other.
Boys getting it stuck.
Boys getting it stuck inside each other.
Boys getting stuck into each other.
Boys getting stuck into a game.
Boys getting stuck in the mud.
Boys getting stuck into a fight.
Boys getting stuck on boys.
Boys going into the bank.
Boys into the bank.
Boys into boys for a lot of money.
Boys who are into legs.
Boys who are into tits.
Boys who are into boys.
Boys who are into cock.
Boys who are into themselves.
Boys who are into science fiction.
Boys who are into jazz.
Boys who are into architecture.
Boys who are into most things.
Boys who fancy blondes.
Boys who fancy brunettes.
Boys who fancy each other.
Boys who fancy their own.
Boys who fancy themselves.
Boys who fancy a bit.
Boys who fancy a bit of stuff.
Boys who fancy a bit of the other.
Boys who are looking for the other.
Boys who read about the other.
Boys who admire the other.
Boys on holiday.
Boys with names.
Boys making a bomb.
Boys making a fortune.
Boys making a mess.
Boys messing about.
Boys with moving parts.
Boys being seen as boys.
Boys being seen by boys.
Boys considered as boys.
Boys considering.
Boys considering they are boys.
Boys considering everything.
Boys taking it all into account.
Boys being selfish.
Boys being absent.
Boys next door.
Boys in the next room.
Boys in the tea rooms.
Boys in fools paradise.
Boys aping boys.
Boys making a monkey out of boys.
Boys making a monkey out of themselves.
Boys horsing around.
Boys with masks.
Boys looking out of the window.
Boys looking at the window.
Boys licking their hands.
Boys up a tree.
Boys telling jokes.
Boys joking.
Boys only joking.
Boys joking all the time.
Boys making a joke out of everything.
Boys joking with each other.
Boys joking around.
Boys not joking.
Boys not only joking.
Boys joking about post-modernism.
Boys going beyond a joke.
Boys just joking.
Boys having fun.
Boys having lots of fun.
Boys having a bit of fun.
Boys having fun with boys.
Boys having fun all of the time.
Boys being funny.
Boys not being funny.
Boys having a laugh.
Boys having a laugh with their mates.
Boys having a big laugh.
Boys laughing at boys.
Boys laughing at each other.
Boys laughing at the misfortunes of others.
Boys laughing at nothing much.
Boys laughing at the fall guy.
Boys laughing at other peoples expense.
Boys laughing at the television.
Boys laughing at the pictures.
Boys laughing behind peoples backs.
Boys laughing in the face of disaster.
Boys laughing in their faces.
Boys facing it.
Boys facing up to it.
Boys putting a brave face on it.
Boys being actors.
Boys hiding behind a mask.
Boys being beautiful.
Boys being awful.
Boys being a waste of time.
Boys playing for time.
Boys playing the time.
Boys in control.
Boys holding the purse strings.
Boys pulling the strings.
Boys pulling out all the stops.
Boys stopping.
Boys stop doing it.
Boys reading Jonathan Swift.
Boys in suicide street.
Boys on a see-saw.
Boys frightening each other.
Boys frightening themselves.
Boys on a swing.
Boys swinging.
Boys on a roundabout.
Boys on a carousel.
Boys on a helter-skelter.
Boys running helter-skelter.
Boys writing in a common place book.
Boys breading gay dogs.
Boys warning each other.
Boys warming each other.
Boys learning how to be butchers.
Boys hating children.
Boys being small.
Boys being outrageous.
Boys investigating.
Boys investigating each other.
Boys opening the earth.
Boys opening boys.
Boys opening it.
Boys opening it wide.
Boys opening their mouths.
Boys opening their minds.
Boys opening their legs.
Boys violating taboos.
Boys using oil paints.
Boys painting broken columns and bent cupboards.
Boys writing graffiti.
Boys taking photographs.
Boys removing photographs.
Boys taking photographs from walls.
Boys stealing photographs.
Boys censoring photographs.
Boys in cages.
Boys reading about Vietnam.
Boys looking at colours.
Boys prattling on about Barthes.
Boys looking at pornography.
Boys taking pornography to its logical conclusion.
Boys making videos.
Boys making videos about boys.
Boys making videos with Steve Partridge.
Boys hating pictures.
Boys developing a phobia.
Boys developing a fetish.
Boys sitting next to each other.
Boys being universal.
Boys being hell raisers.
Boys raising a laugh.
Boys raising the stakes.
Boys raising hell.
Boys going to war.
Boys going potty.
Boys using the potty.
Boys plundering.
Boys pondering.
Boys rapping.
Boys raping.
Boys visiting the British Museum.
Boys being cultural cannibals.
Boys being a Imperialist.
Boys collecting Mankind.
Boys doing the most good.
Boys not doing the most good.
Boys spoiling wars.
Boys being alone.
Boys crying.
Boys doing something fishy.
Boys going fishing.
Boys gone fishing.
Boys fishing.
Boys fishing for fish.
Boys fishing for fun.
Boys fishing for compliments.
Boys fishing for food.
Boys fishing for all they are worth.
Boys fishing for hours.
Boys fishing for boys.
Boys fishing with worms.
Boys fishing with a friend.
Boys fishing with skill.
Boys fishing again.
Boys not fishing today.
Boys working.
Boys working on a building site.
Boys working not working.
Boys working well.
Boys working continuously.
Boys working without sleep.
Boys working slowly.
Boys working carefully.
Boys working hard.
Boys working it.
Boys working it out.
Boys working it out with a pin.
Boys working it out on paper first.
Boys working out.
Boys working up.
Boys working off.
Boys working their arses off.
Boys working their butts off.
Boys working their nuts off.
Boys working their ticket.
Boys working their passage.
Boys working-over boys.
Boys working the room.
Boys working the audience.
Boys in sin city.
Boys on hunger strike.
Boys in different guises.
Boys having a crisis.
Boys playing at expressionism.
Boys reading Kafka.
Boys reading writing.
Boys reading Maths.
Boys looking for a big worm.
Boys looking at the colour bar.
Boys looking at the colour wheel.
Boys peeing in a can.
Boys celebrating the Nation.
Boys being patriotic.
Boys being pragmatic.
Boys being a pain.
Boys being militant.
Boys being silly.
Boys with things.
Boys with stuff.
Boys with plebeians.
Boys with philistines.
Boys with philosophers.
Boys with prats.
Boys with me.
Boys with you.
Boys with boys.
Boys with girls.
Boys with no questions.
Boys with no answers.
Boys getting violent.
Boys being violent.
Boys getting nose bleeds.
Boys beating up boys.
Boys beating up on boy.
Boys beating themselves up.
Boys not beating themselves up about it.
Boys eating bananas.
Boys in terror city.
Boys looking at abstract painting.
Boys moving down to London.
Boys living in London.
Boys surviving in London.
Boys pressing.
Boys printing.
Boys panting.
Boys painting.
Boys perceiving.
Boys receiving.
Boys receiving their benefit.
Boys receiving the benefit of the doubt.
Boys in the sporting life.
Boys being radical.
Boys being academic.
Boys shifting.
Boys shifting under stress.
Boys looking shifty.
Boys being a bit shitty.
Boys shitting.
Boys shitting in a bucket.
Boys having a shit.
Boys being shirty.
Boys being a bit sniffy.
Boys elaborating.
Boys embroidering.
Boys embezzling.
Boys embossing.
Boys embellishing.
Boys looking at facts.
Boys looking at contours.
Boys looking at ends.
Boys looking at ends in themselves.
Boys looking at their ends.
Boys looking at each others ends.
Boys ending.
Boys getting their ends away.
Boys ending up with nothing.
Boys ending it.
Boys with no end.
Boys who are endless.
Boys with limitations.
Boys framing.
Boys being framed.
Boys erecting scaffolding.
Boys constructing buildings.
Boys having large erections in the morning.
Boys depicting depth.
Boys depicting death.
Boys being deep.
Boys being low down.
Boys touching the picture plan.
Boys being localised.
Boys being nationalistic.
Boys building towers.
Boys culminating.
Boys peeking.
Boys having a look.
Boys poking.
Boys being concerned.
Boys fracturing.
Boys fragmenting.
Boys signing.
Boys being desperate.
Boys being disparate.
Boys contradicting themselves.
Boys not listening to others.
Boys talking too much.
Boys protesting too much.
Boys demonstrating.
Boys placing themselves in context.
Boys placing themselves in the other persons shoes.
Boys placing themselves in art.
Boys placing themselves in history.
Boys placing themselves in the bath carefully.
Boys placing themselves in a dustbin.
Boys placing themselves with the elite.
Boys placing themselves wrongly.
Boys reflecting.
Boys ignoring it.
Boys ignoring Duchamp.
Boys ignoring most things.
Boys ignoring the working class.
Boys ignoring history.
Boys ignoring most people.
Boys ignoring each other.
Boys in tension.
Boys in London.
Boys in another town.
Boys in this town.
Boys dieting.
Boys dying.
Boys dyeing.
Boys living.
Boys being sick of girls.
Boys being sick of boys.
Boys being sick with themselves.
Boys being homesick.
Boys being sick of home.
Boys in a party mood.
Boys being sick of parties.
Boys being sick at parties.
Boys being sick of being sick.
Boys looking at boys being sick.
Boys being a bit sick.
Boys feeling sickly.
Boys having a sicky.
Boys looking for girls.
Boys looking for boys.
Boys looking for brothers.
Boys looking for sisters.
Boys looking for Fathers.
Boys looking for friends.
Boys looking for partners.
Boys looking for mates.
Boys who live a long way from their Mothers.
Boys who live a long way from their brothers.
Boys who do not have brothers.
Boys who wish that when they die they are put in the nearest dustbin.
Boys who get up early.
Boys mourning boys.
Boys mourning themselves.
Boys reading their own obituary.
Boys writing their own obituary.
Boys listening to echos.
Boys going to meetings.
Boys knowing nothing.
Boys knowing something.
Boys knowing very little.
Boys knowing this.
Boys knowing that.
Boys knowing that two plus two equals four.
Boys knowing that its not just for pissing out of.
Boys knowing the difference.
Boys being different.
Boys seeing the difference.
Boys making a difference.
Boys who are identical.
Boys who are more identical than each other.
Boys identifying with each other.
Boys identifying with a character.
Boys identifying with boys.
Boys not knowing that.
Boys kissing and shaking.
Boys in court.
Boys with princes.
Boys with paupers.
Boys on trial.
Boys on approval.
Boys being guilty.
Boys doing wrong.
Boys doing right.
Boys doing left.
Boys speaking nonsense.
Boys being ridiculous.
Boys making allegations.
Boys making proposals.
Boys failing.
Boys failing boys.
Boys falling.
Boys being disappointing.
Boys disappointing boys.
Boys letting everybody down.
Boys not knowing when they are well off.
Boys not wishing to know.
Boys knowing boys.
Boys who are knowing.
Boys understanding.
Boys with understanding.
Boys not needing words.
Boys in silence.
Boys in the driving seat.
Boys in case.
Boys on the case.
Boys just in case.
Boys going cheap.
Boys being fractional.
Boys hearing the warning.
Boys tread in dog shit.
Boys listening to the writing on the wall.
Boys being Barbarians.
Boys looking at Cubism,
Boys listening to Lenin.
Boys looking for simple objects.
Boys looking for simple answers.
Boys thinking that there are no simple objects.
Boys thinking that there are no simple answers.
Boys looking at the history of things with no edges.
Boys looking for edges.
Boys putting a paper in a different room.
Boys writing in a different room.
Boys in context.
Boys in text.
Boys changing the meaning.
Boys thinking about things that hang on walls.
Boys hanging on walls.
Boys hanging around.
Boys hanging out.
Boys hanging on.
Boys hanging out with boys.
Boys hanging on in.
Boys hanging boys.
Boys hanging paintings.
Boys hanging art.
Boys not giving a hang.
Boys with hang ups.
Boys hanging up.
Boys hung up.
Boys hanging upside down.
Boys hanging around street corners.
Boys hanging out in bars.
Boys letting it hang out.
Boys letting it hang out in the street.
Boys letting it all hang out.
Boys who have been hung.
Boys who are well hung.
Boys who are well.
Boys who are well liked.
Boys putting pussy down the well.
Boys who like pussy.
Boys thinking that there is no finished world.
Boys learning Russian.
Boys learning American.
Boys learning to be British.
Boys in a state.
Boys in a mix up.
Boys in a pond.
Boys in a mess.
Boys in hand.
Boys taking boys in hand.
Boys handling boys.
Boys getting a grip.
Boys gripping tight.
Boys getting a tight grip.
Boys holding.
Boys holding on.
Boys holding on for all they are worth.
Boys holding tight.
Boys holding their grip.
Boys squeezing.
Boys squeezing tight.
Boys holding boys.
Boys holding boys tight.
Boys gripping boys.
Boys squeezing boys.
Boys squeezing boys tight.
Boys not letting go.
Boys not wishing to let go.
Boys not wishing to let boys go.
Boys not going.
Boys not going anywhere.
Boys planning for the future.
Boys planning for the past.
Boys passed planning.
Boys with closed eyes.
Boys with closed minds.
Boys with minds like vices.
Boys wishing not to know.
Boys wishing but not knowing.
Boys deliberately misunderstanding.
Boys opening doors.
Boys opening doors for women.
Boys closing books.
Boys called John
Boys not called John
Boys who see themselves in a name.
Boys who are only a name.
Boys who have a name.
Boys who used to be a name.
Boys in love with a name.
Boys wishing their name was John.
Boys wishing their name was Danny.
Boys not liking John.
Boys at public schools.
Boys in private.
Boys approved of.
Boys revolting.
Boys in public.
Boys in the public eye.
Boys as workers.
Boys in workers costume.
Boys not understanding their historical destiny.
Boys being dialectical.
Boys being diabolical.
Boys using language.
Boys using foul language.
Boys using dirty language.
Boys using dirty tricks.
Boys talking about dirt.
Boys using dirt.
Boys spreading dirt.
Boys eating dirt.
Boys reading dirt.
Boys liking dirt.
Boys talking dirty.
Boys being dirty.
Boys looking dirty.
Boys getting dirty.
Boys getting dirt.
Boys getting the dirt.
Boys getting the dirt on other boys.
Boys living in dirt.
Boys making dirt.
Boys making it dirty.
Boys making mud pies.
Boys looking at castles in the air.
Boys standing.
Boys not standing.
Boys not with standing.
Boys not standing for it.
Boys not being able to stand.
Boys not being able to sleep.
Boys being woken up.
Boys being cold.
Boys putting chairs in different rooms.
Boys looking at the different chairs.
Boys looking at the differences in chairs.
Boys thinking of chairs.
Boys sitting on chairs.
Boys sitting with boys on chairs.
Boys making profound relationships.
Boys as philosophers not being able to make chairs.
Boys making the bed.
Boys being furniture designers.
Boys as philosophers being practical.
Boys changing furniture design.
Boys changing their clothes.
Boys changing the habit of a life time.
Boys changing their minds.
Boys undergoing sweeping changes.
Boys changing the locks.
Boys understanding the philosophical relationships.
Boys in a relationship.
Boys in a bad relationship.
Boys having a relationship.
Boys not understanding relationships.
Boys being bad at relationships.
Boys in relationships with boys.
Boys needing boys.
Boys needing each other.
Boys needing friends.
Boys needing the party.
Boys needing to party.
Boys having a party.
Boys needing everybody.
Boys need for nothing.
Boys in need.
Boys needing a good square meal.
Boys needing other boys.
Boys looking at you.
Boys moving fast.
Boys being moved.
Boys moving around.
Boys feeling moved.
Boys moving house.
Boys moving the furniture around.
Boys moving their bowels.
Boys feeling stiff.
Boys feeling a little stiff.
Boys feeling unwell.
Boys feeling each other.
Boys feeling themselves.
Boys not feeling themselves.
Boys wanting to feel.
Boys feeling their balls.
Boys scratching their balls.
Boys making a balls up.
Boys feeling their cock.
Boys grasping their cocks.
Boys sucking their cocks.
Boys wanting cock.
Boy having cock.
Boys taking cock.
Boys with a cock.
Boys scratching their cock.
Boys making a cock up.
Boys cocking it up.
Boys with big cocks.
Boys with small cocks.
Boys needing cock.
Boys liking cock.
Boys licking cock.
Boys being cock-eyed.
Boys being cock of the North.
Boys being cock sure.
Boys being cocky.
Boys going at it half cock.
Boys feeling cock-a-hoop.
Boys with a cocked hat.
Boys listening to a cock and bull story.
Boys throwing at a cock-shy.
Boys who are cock shy.
Boys called Dick.
Boys not called Dick.
Boys feeling Dick.
Boys playing with their dicks.
Boys holding their dicks.
Boys showing off their dicks.
Boys getting their dicks out.
Boys putting their dicks in.
Boys feeling dicky.
Boys feeling a little dicky.
Boys feeling a bit dicky.
Boys who are dickheads.
Boys who have dickheads.
Boys called Nobby.
Boys playing with each others knobs.
Boys touching their knobs.
Boys measuring their knobs.
Boys comparing their knobs.
Boys pressing the knobs.
Boys twiddling with their knobs.
Boys turning the wrong knob.
Boys not finding the right knob.
Boys going where the big knobs hang out.
Boys knobbing about.
Boys knobbing each other.
Boys with copper knobs.
Boys being knobs.
Boys being twats.
Boys twatting about.
Boys having a prick.
Boys having a little prick.
Boys who are pricks.
Boys who are prickteasers.
Boys feeling their pricks.
Boys feeling prickly.
Boys with prickly heat.
Boys holding their pricks.
Boys feeling a prick.
Boys prick up their ears.
Boys get a little prick.
Boys kicking against the pricks.
Boys going around the prickly pear.
Boys pricking boys.
Boys in a pickle.
Boys being pricks.
Boys being dicks.
Boys being arses.
Boys being buggers.
Boys being pillocks.
Boys being fuckers.
Boys being farts.
Boys being tossers.
Boys being wankers.
Boys being cunts.
Boys being arseholes.
Boys who are fucking cunts.
Boys who are fucking arseholes.
Boys who fuck arseholes.
Boys who fuck cunts.
Boys being cut.
Boys who are uncut.
Boys cutting.
Boys being cutting.
Boys cutting boys.
Boys cutting their hair.
Boys getting their hair cut short.
Boys cutting it out.
Boys being cut up.
Boys being cut down.
Boys in a hurry.
Boys in phases.
Boys going through a phase.
Boys phasing out.
Boys passing out.
Boys passing it on.
Boys turning on.
Boys being switched on.
Boys who are turned on.
Boys who are switched on.
Boys coming not on.
Boys putting it on.
Boys taking it off.
Boys with nothing on.
Boys naked.
Boys nude.
Boys in the buff.
Boys as nudists.
Boys skinny dipping.
Boys skinning up.
Boys ruffing up.
Boys being skin heads.
Boys getting ahead.
Boys giving head.
Boys going head to head.
Boys who are head boy.
Boys who are head-bangers.
Boys who are head cases.
Boys who are dickheads.
Boys who are shitheads.
Boys who are dopeheads.
Boys who are speed freaks.
Boys freaking out.
Boys painting the town red.
Boys painting the sky blue.
Boys looking at paintings changing colour.
Boys looking at their pee changing colour.
Boys looking at the trees changing colour.
Boys looking at the sky changing colour.
Boys looking at their faces changing colour.
Boys changing all the colours.
Boys changing the minds.
Boys changing their clothes.
Boys choosing colours.
Boys taking colours.
Boys taking over.
Boys taking it for granted.
Boys over taking.
Boys over loading.
Boys taking a load off their feet.
Boys saving it.
Boys saving the day.
Boys saving themselves.
Boys sharing it.
Boys sharing with other boys.
Boys being a little liberal.
Boys being a little conservative.
Boys being a little impossible.
Boys being ironic.
Boys being cynical.
Boys being skeptical.
Boys being critical.
Boys being bitter and twisted.
Boys being bloody minded.
Boys being grumpy.
Boys grumbling.
Boys with attitude.
Boys being a bit snotty.
Boys being rude.
Boys being surly.
Boys being stroppy.
Boys being cool.
Boys being nonchalant.
Boys not caring.
Boys lacking enthusiasm.
Boys unexcited about anything.
Boys being restrained.
Boys being unmoved.
Boys being calm.
Boys being casual.
Boys being detached.
Boys being urbane.
Boys being urban.
Boys being angry.
Boys being angry in the park.
Boys being angry on the road.
Boys being angry in their homes.
Boys being angry with boys.
Boys being angry with God.
Boys being angry with the world.
Boys being angry everything.
Boys being angry each other.
Boys being angry cars.
Boys being angry with their families.
Boys being angry with bills.
Boys being angry with the government.
Boys listening to Gilbert and Sullivan.
Boys having adventures.
Boys having fun.
Boys having time.
Boys having boys.
Boys having each other.
Boys having a good time.
Boys having money.
Boys having a place to go home to.
Boys having strokes.
Boys stroking boys.
Boys being stroked.
Boys stroking each other.
Boys stroking midnight.
Boys having strokes at night.
Boys stroking animals.
Boys stroking a boy’s body.
Boys with a body.
Boys without a body.
Boys with no body
Boys not having a body.
Boys having a body.
Boys looking at a body.
Boys wishing they had a body.
Boys wishing they had the body.
Boys wishing they had anybody.
Boys having boys bodies.
Boys looking at boys bodies.
Boys admiring boys bodies.
Boys admiring any body.
Boys admiring all bodies.
Boys admiring nobody.
Boys looking at nobody.
Boys looking at anybody.
Boys looking at everybody.
Boys wanting a body.
Boys wanting anybody.
Boys fitting clothes.
Boys fitting clothes on boys.
Boys fitting boys.
Boys fitting each other.
Boys fitting each other up.
Boys being fitted up.
Boys being fitted for a suit.
Boys being fit.
Boys having a fit.
Boys looking fit.
Boys keeping fit.
Boys fit for boys.
Boys fit for games.
Boys fit for sport.
Boys fit for nothing.
Boys spending energy.
Boys spending money.
Boys spending time.
Boys spending time with boys.
Boys spending boys.
Boys having spent themselves.
Boys having spent everything.
Boys using things.
Boys who are users.
Boys using people.
Boys using boys.
Boys using each other.
Boys using each others things.
Boys borrowing each others clothes.
Boys borrowing things.
Boys borrowing boys.
Boys stealing boys.
Boys renting boys.
Boys renting.
Boys renting flats.
Boys borrowing forms.
Boys borrowing other peoples ideas.
Boys borrowing books.
Boys stealing ideas.
Boys plagiarising.
Boys stealing history.
Boys stealing a video recorder.
Boys stealing philosophy.
Boys renting videos.
Boys renting politics.
Boys renting art.
Boys renting sofas.
Boys renting apart.
Boys stealing money.
Boys borrowing money.
Boys borrowing sound systems.
Boys watching television.
Boys stealing a television.
Boys listening to sofas.
Boys watching boys.
Boys watching boys watching boys.
Boys watching ideas.
Boys watching history.
Boys watching the future.
Boys watching their back.
Boys watching politics.
Boys watching art.
Boys watching philosophy.
Boys watching all of it.
Boys watching only part.
Boys watching sofas.
Boys watching it.
Boys watching out.
Boys out watching.
Boys watching in.
Boys watching this.
Boys watching that.
Boys watching the time.
Boys watching clocks.
Boys watching watches.
Boys stealing watches.
Boys stealing time.
Boys stealing other peoples time.
Boys in their own time.
Boys not having time.
Boys not having the time.
Boys not having time for other boys.
Boys wasting time.
Boys being late.
Boys being early.
Boys rushing.
Boys panicking.
Boys with a sense of urgency.
Boys being urgent.
Boys seeing the difference between panic and urgency.
Boys in a hurry.
Boys urging.
Boys urging boys.
Boys urging boys on.
Boys egging on.
Boys over egging the custard.
Boys putting too much icing on the cake.
Boys being urgent with boys.
Boys having the time to be urgent.
Boys not having the time to be urgent.
Boys hurting.
Boys hurting boys.
Boys being hurt.
Boys being hurtful.
Boys hurting themselves.
Boys feeling hurt.
Boys feeling themselves.
Boys feeling boys.
Boys feeling boys up.
Boys looking at other people hurting.
Boys watching boys hurting boys.
Boys full of hurt.
Boys full of hate.
Boys hating it.
Boys hating themselves.
Boys hating carrots.
Boys hating doing to bed early.
Boys hating boys.
Boys hating girls.
Boys hating parents.
Boys hating class.
Boys hating capitalism.
Boys hating global warming.
Boys inventing the bomb.
Boys inventing Sunday mornings.
Boys hating public schools.
Boys hating school.
Boys hating each other.
Boys hating animals in cages.
Boys hating Russia.
Boys hating Finchley.
Boys hating Bob Hope.
Boys hating Walt Disney.
Boys hating God.
Boys hating cars.
Boys hating the post office.
Boys hating beaurocracy.
Boys hating art.
Boys hating people.
Boys hating other people.
Boys hating history.
Boys hating geography.
Boys hating photography.
Boys hating pornography.
Boys hating understanding.
Boys hating war.
Boys hating peace.
Boys hating politics.
Boys hating crisis.
Boys hating strikes.
Boys hating scabs.
Boys hating struggle.
Boys hating force.
Boys hating the police force.
Boys forcing boys.
Boys forcing it.
Boys forcing it in.
Boys putting up with force.
Boys putting up force.
Boys putting up all necessary force.
Boys meeting force with force.
Boys using insufficient force.
Boys employing an acceptable amount of force.
Boys coming to terms with force.
Boys coming to terms with peace.
Boys coming to terms with war.
Boys coming to terms with crisis.
Boys coming to terms with the Labour Party.
Boys coming to terms with the police.
Boys coming to terms with the alternative strategy.
Boys coming to terms with the right.
Boys coming to terms with the left.
Boys coming to terms with the top.
Boys coming to terms with the bottom.
Boys coming to terms with the centre.
Boys coming to terms with dogma.
Boys coming to terms with jargon.
Boys coming to terms with liberalism.
Boys coming to terms with catholics.
Boys coming to terms with fundamentalism.
Boys coming to terms with reform.
Boys coming to terms with realism.
Boys coming to terms with revisionism.
Boys coming to terms with proverbs.
Boys coming to terms with stupidity.
Boys coming to terms with Euro-communism.
Boys coming to terms with boys.
Boys coming to terms with art.
Boys coming to terms with galleries.
Boys coming to terms with books.
Boys coming to terms with culture.
Boys coming to terms with class struggle.
Boys coming to understanding.
Boys coming to philosophy.
Boys coming to ideology.
Boys coming to a bar.
Boys coming to a realisation.
Boys coming.
Boys come.
Boys come home.
Boys come at home.
Boys come here are there.
Boys come all over the place.
Boys coming willingly.
Boys coming to bed.
Boys coming with boys.
Boys coming in strange places.
Boys coming on.
Boys coming on to boys.
Boys coming on each other.
Boys coming it on.
Boys coming it on with boys.
Boys coming on it.
Boys coming out.
Boys coming out of it.
Boys coming out with it.
Boys coming out with boys.
Boys coming all over the place.
Boys coming on the walls.
Boys coming in bed.
Boys getting on.
Boys getting on with boys.
Boys getting on each other.
Boys getting on boys.
Boys getting on with the job in hand.
Boys getting on with themselves.
Boys getting on well.
Boys getting on down.
Boys getting on with it..
Boys getting on with boys.
Boys getting down.
Boys getting down on boys.
Boys getting down to it.
Boys getting on with each other.
Boys getting out.
Boys getting out of themselves.
Boys getting out of politics.
Boys getting out of the game.
Boys getting out of the house.
Boys getting out of their clothes.
Boys getting out of it.
Boys getting it out.
Boys getting it out of boys.
Boys getting it out with boys.
Boys getting out of it.
Boys out of it.
Boys are let out.
Boys letting out.
Boys fleshing it out.
Boys eating out.
Boys going out.
Boys outing each other.
Boys going on an outing.
Boys putting it out.
Boys putting the light out.
Boys who like the light out.
Boys getting rid.
Boys getting off.
Boys getting off with boys.
Boys getting it off with boys.
Boys getting their shirts off.
Boys getting their rocks off.
Boys getting their nuts off.
Boys getting their pants off.
Boys getting killed.
Boys getting away.
Boys getting away from home.
Boys getting away with it.
Boys getting away with murder.
Boys getting away with stupidity.
Boys getting away with a mistake.
Boys getting away from exploitation.
Boys getting away from the family.
Boys getting away from the point.
Boys missing the point.
Boys pressing the point home.
Boys getting the point.
Boys getting pointed at in the street.
Boys pointing it out.
Boys pointing it out at boys.
Boys pointing it out at mirrors.
Boys pointing it out to boys.
Boys pointing it out to each other.
Boys pointing it out to politicians.
Boys pointing it out to the world.
Boys pointing it at boys.
Boys pointing it at company.
Boys pointing it at mirrors.
Boys pointing it at walls.
Boys pointing it at each other.
Boys pointing at boys.
Boys pointing at walls.
Boys pointing at each other.
Boys pointing walls.
Boys with a soft spot.
Boys with a soft spot in their heart.
Boys with a soft spot in their head.
Boys with a soft spot between their legs.
Boys with a soft spot for each other.
Boys with a soft spot for boys.
Boys spotting boys.
Boys spotting trains.
Boys spotting pieces of paper.
Boys spotting canvases.
Boys spotting it.
Boys spotting the mistake.
Boys spotting a relationship.
Boys spotting an idea.
Boys spotting a friend.
Boys spotting something moving.
Boys spotting the ball.
Boys with spots.
Boys who are spotty.
Boys who are spotted.
Boys being spotted.
Boys being spotted by the police.
Boys being spotted by boys.
Boys being spotted by nature.
Boys being spotted by a scout.
Boys being spotted by accident.
Boys being spotted intentionally.
Boys being intentional.
Boys not intentionally doing anything.
Boys intentionally looking.
Boys intending to work.
Boys intending to go to bed early.
Boys with imagination.
Boys imagining they were boys.
Boys seeing words.
Boys reading words.
Boys reading writing.
Boys reading about ideas.
Boys reading stories.
Boys reading philosophy.
Boys reading history.
Boys reading histories.
Boys reading stuff.
Boys reading at University.
Boys reading words that are only words.
Boys reading names.
Boys reading symbols.
Boys reading paintings.
Boys reading music.
Boys reading cues.
Boys reading codes.
Boys reading signs.
Boys reading the signs.
Boys changing it.
Boys having a change.
Boys changing their looks.
Boys changing their books.
Boys changing their views.
Boys changing their position.
Boys changing their line.
Boys changing their clothes.
Boys changing their lives.
Boys changing their minds.
Boys changing boys.
Boys changing other boys.
Boys changing to boys.
Boys changing themselves.
Boys changing girls for boys.
Boys changing their sex.
Boys having their Mothers change them.
Boys not being able to change.
Boys not being able to change themselves.
Boys not changing.
Boys not having change.
Boys giving change.
Boys not having changed.
Boys being changed.
Boys having changed.
Boys under change.
Boys wishing to change.
Boys wishing on a star.
Boys wishing for change.
Boys wishing to be a star.
Boys wishing to be rich.
Boys wishing to be older.
Boys wishing to be younger.
Boys wishing to be thin.
Boys wishing to be larger.
Boys wishing to be a boy.
Boys wishing to be a girl.
Boys wishing to be a man.
Boys wishing to be a Father.
Boys wishing for a father.
Boys wishing for a boy.
Boys wishing for a girl.
Boys wishing for a youth.
Boys wishing for a man.
Boys wishing for a life.
Boys wishing for a home.
Boys wishing for the moon.
Boys wishing in a well.
Boys wishing in a church.
Boys wishing in a vacuum.
Boys wishing and wanting.
Boys wanting and waiting.
Boys wanting boys.
Boys wanting everything.
Boys wanting their cake and eat it.
Boys wanting to kill somebody.
Boys wanting to kill something.
Boys wanting to murder a drink.
Boys wanting to murder a pie.
Boys being fussy eaters.
Boys being fussed over.
Boys making a fuss over each other.
Boys wanting to murder each other.
Boys waiting for boys.
Boys having secrets.
Boys being secret.
Boys having secret erections.
Boys not telling.
Boys telling lies.
Boys telling boys.
Boys being telling.
Boys whispering to boys.
Boys whispering in church.
Boys giggling in church.
Boys telling secrets in church.
Boys being secretive with each other.
Boys finding out secrets.
Boys finding out about boys.
Boys finding out about themselves.
Boys finding out about politicians.
Boys finding out about contradictions.
Boys finding out about reality.
Boys finding out about dialectics.
Boys finding out about the boy next door.
Boys finding out about everything.
Boys finding nothing.
Boys finding boys.
Boys finding everything.
Boys loosing everything.
Boys loosing themselves.
Boys loosing it.
Boys loosing themselves in a landscape.
Boys loosing themselves in each other.
Boys loosing themselves in politics.
Boys loosing themselves in reality.
Boys loosing themselves in the world.
Boys loosing boys.
Boys loosing.
Boys loosing their minds.
Boys loosing the world.
Boys loosing their bottle.
Boys drinking a bottle.
Boys having the bottle.
Boys winning the world.
Boys winning money.
Boys winning prizes.
Boys winning each other.
Boys winning nothing much.
Boys who have never won.
Boys who have never won anything.
Boys who have never lost.
Boys who have lost it.
Boys worrying over it.
Boys worrying over boys.
Boys worrying about death.
Boys worrying themselves to death.
Boys worrying it like a dog with a bone.
Boys having a good time.
Boys having boys.
Boys having each other.
Boys having everything.
Boys having nothing.
Boys having been.
Boys having done.
Boys having gone.
Boys having had.
Boys coming again.
Boys going.
Boys going nowhere.
Boys going somewhere.
Boys going with boys.
Boys going towards boys.
Boys going out.
Boys going in.
Boys going mad.
Boys going silent.
Boys going to the pub.
Boys going for a shit.
Boys going for a piss.
Boys going for a wank.
Boys going down.
Boys going down to the pub.
Boys being low down.
Boys putting animals down.
Boys putting babies down.
Boys going overboard.
Boys going over the top.
Boys going to the British Museum.
Boys going to heaven.
Boys going to heaven in a little row boat.
Boys going to hell.
Boys going to hell and back.
Boys going home.
Boys doing nothing.
Boys doing their nuts.
Boys doing it.
Boys doing well.
Boys doing it well.
Boys doing badly.
Boys doing boys.
Boys doing their thing.
Boys doing their own thing.
Boys doing their own in.
Boys doing their own subject.
Boys doing their own.
Boys liking their own.
Boys preferring their own
Boys holding their own
Boys being their own boss.
Boys doing each other
Boys doing it to boys.
Boys doing boys in.
Boys doing it in.
Boys not doing it to friends.
Boys doing each other in.
Boys doing old ladies.
Boys doing boys over.
Boys doing a shop over.
Boys doing their thing.
Boys doing their own thing.
Boys doing their own.
Boys doing themselves out of it.
Boys doing art.
Boys doing philosophy.
Boys doing work.
Boys doing the British Museum.
Boys doing their heads in.
Boys doing good.
Boys doing bad.
Boys being done.
Boys being done in.
Boys being done by boys.
Boys being done out of it.
Boys being bad.
Boys being good.
Boys being good to boys.
Boys being good to each other.
Boys being good boys.
Boys being bad boys.



Boys Games small
John Yeadon 1983
(Edited by JY 2005)