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Fat.  Fatty. Fats.  Fatso. Fatten.  Fatman. Fatboy. Fat pig. Fat slob. Fat git. Fat slag. Fat-guts. Fathead. Fat in the head. Fat jack of the bone-house. Fat is in the fire. Fat or fems. Fat talk. Fat lip. Fat mouth. Fat meat. Fat map. Fat free. Fat lot. Fat-fancier. Fat farm. Fat cat. Fattoon. Fatty bum-bum. Mr fat. Fatism. Fatist. Faticidal. Fat chance. Fat and jolly. Fat pageant. Pig. Piggy. Pig’s ear. Sow’s ear. Pighead. Pig it. Pig out. Pig off. Piggery. Pigging. Pig dog. Pig fucker. Pigmouth. Pig hash. Pig heaven. Pig-ignorant. Pig ugly. Pig jump. Pig killer. Pig meat. Pig months. Pig party. Pig room. Pig-root. Pig’s arse. Pig’s bastard. Pig’s breakfast. Pigshit. Pig-sick. Pigsticker. Pigsty. Pigstyle. Pig sweat. Pig’s whistle. Pigswill. Pig together. Pig wagon. Pig and roast. Pig in the middle. Pig in a poke. Porky. Telling porkies.  Porker.   Scabby pig.  Swine.  Dog.  Hot dog.  Chili dog. A dog’s breakfast.  A dog’s dinner.  Dog eat dog.  Sick as a dog.  Dog food. Doggy bag.  Dog-breath. Dog with a bone. Dog without a bone. Cow. Fat cow. Poor cow. Silly cow. Mad cow. Cow-crazy. Cowboy. Cow-banger. Cowjuice. Cowshit. Pantomime cow. Meat. My meat. He’s my meat. British meat. Meat-head. Meaty. Meat paste.  Cold meat. Dead meat. Fresh meat. Raw meat. Dark meat. White meat. Meat house. Meat market. Meat tool. Meat rack. Meat and two veg. Meat and drink. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. More meat on a butchers knife. Fit as a butchers dog. Butcher’s hook. Reconstituted meat. Mincemeat. Make mincemeat. Tube steak. Baloney. Baloney-bender. Body. Bodily functions. Bodily fluids. Body fat. Flesh. Fleshy. A pound of flesh. Put flesh on the bones. Flesh it. Flesh it out. Fleshbag. Flesh hooks. Flesh-presser. Flesh pencil. Fleshy flagelhorn. Fleshy bagpipes. Flesh-shambles. Flesh selves. Flesh tailor. Flesh peddler. Fleshmonger. Flesh market. Cattle. Cattle market. Livestock. Veal. Beef. Roast beef of old England. Beef production. Beef sandwich. Beefy. Breast. Breast feed. A clean breast. Cut. Cut the mustard. Cuts. Off cuts. Prime cuts. Fresh cuts. Choice cuts. Chops. Cheek. Fillet. Back. Side. Rump. Tummy. Belly. A belly full. A belly full of laughs. Belly of pork. Pot-belly. Jelly-belly. Bang-belly. Bang-bellied. Underbelly. Yellow belly. Chicken. Chicken-feed. Chicken-hearted. Chicken-liver. Chicken run. Chicken legs. Chicken shit. Chicken in the basket. Chicken in a bucket. Broiler chickens. Cold turkey. Sitting duck. Lame duck. Cock. System. Enteric. Sphincter. Alimentary canal. Bowel. Innards. Entrails. Gut. Gutted. Gut reaction. Guts. No guts. Have you the guts. Bust a gut. Guts and garbage. Gutsy. Gutso. Greedy guts. Guzzle guts. Clever guts. Rotten guts. Gut it. Gutrot. Gut food. Guts-ache. Gut bucket. Gut bomb. Gut pudding. Gutless. Gut-head. Gutfoundred. Gutsout. Gut stick. Gut-fucker. Faggot. Faggot-lover. Faggot-master. Faggoteer. Faggoter. Faggoty. Faggy. Fag hole. Bacon hole. Hams. Ham. Hamfat. Hambone. Hamhead. Ham-hocks. Ham-bags. Ham and beef. Ham and eggs. Have a ham and shank. Ham fisted. Ham it up. Ham acting. Curse of ham. Hamburger. Hamburger shot. Leg. Frogs legs. Drum stick. Knuckle. Joint. Ribs. Spare ribs. Neck. Fingers. Soldiers. Lips. Tongue. Cheek chops. Shank. Haunch. Saddle. Loin. Sirloin. Head. Ox tail. Liver. Kidneys. Heart. Cheating heart. Black heart. Wooden heart. Sacred heart. Bleeding heart. Eat your heart out. Hearty meal. Hearty appetite. Brains. Cow heel. Trotters. Gullet. Gob. Gobstopper. Snout. Testicles. Organ. Eyeball. Eyelids. Skin. Tissue. Connective tissue. Offal. Tripe. Gizzards. Giblets. Scratchings. Vent your spleen. Bile. Gastric. Brine. Greasy spoon. Grease. Oil. Oily. Gas. Flatulence. Wind. Measure. Weigh. Bed. Tageen. Carpaccio. Roulade. Mélange. Medley. Symphony. Fusion. Miscellany. Smorgasbord. Ballantyne. Mixture. Mix. Mix up. Stir. Scramble. Scrambled. Batter. Battered. Batter pudding. Beat. Beaten. Tenderise. Render. Render down. Blend. Shake. Whip. Whisk. Thrash. Force. Roll. Fold. Swell. Plump up. Puff up. Toss. Squeeze. Twist. Juice. Drizzle. Smoke. Baste. Slice. Sliced. Dice. Splat. Carve. Spike. Lift. Finger. A carve up. Chop. Chopped. Mince. Grind. Mashed. Crushed. Pressed. Crumble. Pulp. Soften. Soft. Stiff. Stiffen. Crisp. Rich. Too rich. Skinned. Gutted. Grated. Dissect. Desiccated. Marinated. Browning. Thickening. Corned. Preserved. Salted. Sautée. Confit. Filling. Fillings. Dress. Dressing. French dressing. Clot. Milk and honey. Milksop. Milky. Milk it. Milking. Milking it. Spilt milk. Skimmed. Rennet. Whey. Curds. Pap. Cream. Creamed. Clotted cream. Creme de la creme. The cat that got the cream. Ambrosia. Manna. Elixir. Food for the gods. Food for worms.  Food for thought. Lard. Lardy-dardy. Lard-bucket. Lard-ass. Lard-belly. Lardhead. Lardo. Tub of lard. Tub. Tubby. Chubby. Dumpy. Dump. Dumpling. Buxom. Corpulent. Chunky. Chubby chops. Roly-poly. Plump. Plumping. Plumpies. Plump in the pocket. Choke up. Gluttony. Greedy. Satiate. Gorge. Devour. Restore. Eat. Eaten. Intake. Bite. Munch. Munching. Rug munching. Gobbling. Gobble. Chomp. Lick. Arselicker. Lick the bowl. Suck. Sucker. Suck on it. Suck it and see. Succulent. Sup. Gnaw. Choke. Pick. Picky. Picky-picky. Chew. Chew the cud. Graze. Masticate. Fletcherism. Splosh. Spit. Spit it out. Spittle. Gob. Saliva. Salivate. Vomit. Retch. Sick. Puke. Regurgitate. Burp. Belch. Fart. Sploshing. System. Constitution. Poison. Bloated. Digest. Ingest. Indigestion. Stomach-ache. Tummy trouble. Botrot. Constipation. Laxative. Bowel movement. Diarrhoea. Ordure. Ca-ca. Stool. Defecate. Excrement. Faeces. Shit. Turd. Waste. Junk food. Glutton. Glutton for punishment. Greed. Gourmet. Gastronome. Epicurean. Cordon bleu. Etiquette. Table manners. Culinary. Culinary habits. Serve. Service area. Silver service. Self service. Customer. Help yourself. Vanity. Yummy. Yum-yum. Delicacy. Succulent. Delicious. Taste. Good taste. Bad taste. Tasteless. Distaste. Tasty. Tasty pastry. Bit of pastry. Tasty mouthful. Tastes off. Aroma. Bouquet. Smell. Smelly. Smells. Smells off. Whiff. Sniff. Stink. Flavour. Flavouring. Enhancers. Flavour enhancer. Concentrate. Additives. Antibiotics. Protein supplements. Growth hormones. Female hormones. Ingested poultry. Colouring. Glazing agent. Extracts. Concentrate. Protein. Carbohydrate. Starch. Calories. Vitamins. Roughage. Fiber. Genetically modified. Genetic engineering. Transgenics. Pesticides. Omnivore. Herbivore. Herbs. Bouquet garni. A cabbage. A vegetable. Garden vegetables. Vegetarianism. Veg. Vegan. Veggie. Ecotarian. Green. Greens. Orange.  Hunt. Gather. Forage. Easy pickings. Game. End game. Fair game. Prey. Hunting. Breeding. Local breed. Factory farming. Intensive farming. Snail farm. Wild. Farmed. Grow. Grow bag. Home grown. Self sufficient. Cash crop. Domesticated. Battery hens. Sweat boxes. Pens. Restraint. Stock density. Feedlots. Broiler. Free range. Barn egg. Enriched caged egg. Caged bird. Broken egg industry. Branding. Dehorning. Castration. Cow-calf operations. Animal welfare. Animal cruelty. Animal feed. Animal farm. Bit of an animal. Market. Market garden. Kitchen garden. Farmer’s market. Black market. Supermarket. Fair trade. Food fair. Organic. Natural. Artificial. Biogenic. Biotech. Farmaceuticals. Nutriceutical. Macrobiotic. Tradition. Culture. Metonymy. National identity. Frog. Kraut. Rosbif. Limey. Pommygrant. Pommie. Cockaigne. Cockney. Cockney’s luxury. Scouser. Lobster. Macaroni. Regional. Seasonal. Local. Peasant. Foreign muck. Mixture. Ingredients. Produce. Feast. Feast your eyes. Fast. Fast food. Festival. Carnival. Famine. Offering. Sacrifice. Burnt offerings and bloody sacrifices. Stuffed. Stuff it. Get stuffed. Stuff. Stuff your face. Carver. Server. Taster. Feed. Feeder.  Feed a line. Feedback. Force feed.  Blood. Bloody. Bad blood. Cold blood. Blood sucker. Blood money. Blood claat. Blood months. Young blood. Flesh and blood. Flesh and fire. Life-blood. Blood and thunder. Blood and guts. Blood and fire. Body and soul. Skin and bone. Butcher. Have a butchers. Butchered. Butchery. Kill. Freshly killed. Culled. Slaughter. Slaughterhouse. Abattoir. Knackers yard. Carcass. Dead. Dead duck. Death. Corpse. Cadaver. Carrion. Cannibal. Carnivore. Consume. Consumer. Consumption. Corn hole. Corny. Cheesy. Say cheese. Big cheese. Dick cheese. Cheese ball. Cheesed off. Smelly cheese. Squeeze the cheese. It is not the cheese. Hard cheese. Hard tack. Crumpet. Bit of crumpet. Crackers. Cream crackered. Crummy. Crusty. Soft. Softy. Stiffy. Soft peaks. Stiff peaks. Peanuts. Peanut politics. Nuts. Nut-case. Nutty. Titbits. Sprat. Crabs. Crabby. Hoard. Panic buying. Portion. Large portions. Dollop. Seconds. Second helpings. Meals. Meal times. Set meals. Options. Healthy options. Between meals. Afters. Starters. Breakfast. Cooked breakfast. English breakfast. Continental breakfast. Scottish breakfast. Pommy’s breakfast. Breakfast television. A break. Lump. Lunch. Luncheon. Lunch box. Packed lunch. Free lunch. Ploughman’s lunch. Pub lunch. Power lunch. Dinner. Dinner jacket. Dinner ladies. Dinner’s ready. Don’t spoil your dinner. Sunday dinner. Dinner time. Tea time. Tea. High tea. Not my cup of tea. Supper. Last supper. Last meal. Fish supper. School dinners. Home cooking. Dinner party. Party. Tea party. Office party. Christmas party. Birthday party. Banquet. Wake. Picnic. Picnic hamper. Pikey’s picnic. Restaurant. Ristorante. Cafeteria. Café. Chippy. Chinese chippy. Fish and chippery. Pizzeria. Greasy spoon. Loving spoonful. The mess. Mess hall. Canteen. Refectory. Frater. Carvery. Servery. Eatery. Tastery. Snackery. Brasserie. Catering. Catering school. Catering corps. Catering adviser. Take away. Diner. Dine in. Dine out. Burger joint. Inn. Hostelry. Public bar. Salad bar. Breakfast bar. Snack bar. Snack.  Buffet. Finger food. Finger buffet. Nibbles. Appetite. Lost appetite. Wet your appetite. Appetizer. Hors d’oeuvres. Specials. Cuisine. Spread. Victuals. Fodder. Grub. Jollop. Chow. Scoff. Comestibles. Edibles. Fare. Goodies. Nourishment. Rations. Provisions. Nutriment. Malnutrition. Subsistence. Sustain. Sustenance. Entree. Gastronomy. Viand. Pabulum. Tuck. Tuck in. Tucker. Larder. Table. Dinner table. Good table. Set the table. Leave the table. Come to the table. Sit up at the table. Clear the table. Cutlery. Condiments. Hamper. Carte. Menu. Recipe. Dietary. Diebesity. Diet. Staple diet. Restricted diet. Slimming diet. Slim. Slimming. Slim chance. Counting calories. Lean. Low fat. Streaky. Crispy. Skinny. Superskinny. Emaciated. Atrophy. Under-nourished. Thin. Thinsperation. Thinternet. Thin as a rake. Hungry. Hunger. Hunger strike. Starved. Starving artist. Living skeleton. Addicted. Addict. Dependent. Control. Comfort. Cravings. Indulge. Binge. Greedy. Gluttonous. Gannet. Satiation. Gratify. Gorge yourself. Obese. Clinically obese. Morbid obesity. Hypocrobesity. Hunk. Hulk. Bulk. Big and beautiful. Battle of the bulge. Metabolism. Metabolic rate. Body shape. Body dysmorphic. Body shape mismorphia. Body mass index. Body fat. Weight. Watch your weight. Weight watcher. Weight loss. Weight gain. Over eating. Over weight. Excess weight. Dead weight. Outweigh. Out-sized. Overfeed. Overstuff. Over-indulge. Over-sized. Plus-sized. Super size. Waist line. Left overs. Over done. Over cooked. Under Cooked. Under-done. Home cooking. Home baked. Cooking with gas. Cooking the books. What’s cooking. Cook-off. Cooking up a storm. Storm in a tea cup. Burn. Burnt. Browned off. Gone off. Well done. Ripe. Fresh. Rancid. Putrid. Stale. Raw. Rawskin. Raw dogg. Raw prawn. Rawhead and bloody-bones. Pink. Rare. Rarebit. Flash fry. Deep fry. Pan fry. Frying tonight. Fry in hell. Grill. Roast. Roast a stone. Roast a time. Roast beef. Roast coco. Roasted duck. Roast pork. Roaster. Roasting jack. Roast-meat clothes. Roast plantain for someone. Roast potato. Roast snow in a furnace. Get a roasting. Griddle. Griddling. Sear. Bakers dozen. Half-baked. Hard boiled. Hard bitten. Half bitten. Smoked. Steamed. Steaming. Toasted. French toast. Melba toast. Deviled egg. Hot. Piping hot. Cool. Chilled. Warm. Whole-grain. Whole fat. Whole cheese. Whole boiling lot. The whole apple. The whole enchilada. Nothing put in and nothing taken out. Full English. Full Muslim. Full. A mouthful. Don’t talk with your mouth full. Empty. Full of beans. Spill the beans. Full fat. Half fat.  Well fed. Fed up. Full up. Grease up. Eat up. Throw up. Chuck up. Bring it up. Bring it back up. Cough it up. Spit it out. Stuck in your craw. Sticks in your throat. Leaving a nasty taste in your mouth. Stomach-pump. Stomach bag. Stomach it. Pit of stomach. No stomach. Have you the stomach. Got the stomach. Keep it down. Get it down. All gone. Polish off. Down the hole. Down the hatch. Down your gullet. Swallow it. Difficult to swallow. Daily intake. Recommended daily allowance. Bread. Brown bread. Bread and butter. Butter your bread on both sides. Knowing which side your bread is buttered. Mad as May butter. Butter me up. Butter fingers. Butter my muffin. Butter a bun. Butter-and-egg man. Butterboy. Butter whore. Butter queen. Butter baby. Butter ball. Butter-boat. Butter box. Butter money. Buttered. Buttery. Bread. Breadline. Bread basket. Sad bread. Upper crust. Thick crust. Earn a crust. Use your loaf. Open sandwich. A sandwich short of a picnic. Bun. Hunny bun. Baps. Batch. Roll. Tea cake. French stick. Baguette. Have your oats. Wheat trap. Wheat basket. Wheat intolerant. Staple grain. Noodle. Noodlehead. Pud. Pudding. Black pudding. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Pudding club. Bun in the oven. American pie. Polish pie. Honey pie. Humble pie. Finger in the pie. Sweet as pie. Easy as pie. Good as pie. Custard pie. Pie in the face. Pie in the sky. Pie and peas. Pie and one. Pie-face. Pie-biter. Pie-eater. Pie-can. Pie-card. Pie-eyed. Pie hole. Pie out. Pie shop. Pie wagon. Hot pies, toss or buy. Mince pies. Who ate all the pies. Big mac. Mac on. Mack down. Flat as a pancake. Fairy cake.  Cake shop. Cake walk. Cake is getting thin. Piece of cake. Cake hole. Hot cakes. Having your cake and eating it. Pop your cake. Caked. Cakey. Flat cake. Macaroon. Icing. Icing expert. Icing buns. Too much icing on the cake. Mint. Dessert. Trifle. Trifling. Fudge. Packing fudge. Chocolatier. Chocoholic. Chocolate. Chocolate coloured. Chocolate drop. Chocolate chutney. Chocolate cha-cha. Chocolate highway. Chocolate runway pilot. Chocolate speedway rider. Fruit. Old fruit. Fruity. Fruitless. Fruit cake. Fruit of your labour. Fruit of your loins. Fruits of the forest. Fruits of the sea. Fruit rulard. Bananas. Going bananas. Banana hammock. Banana boy. Banana bender. Banana-nose. Bananahead. Banana cake. Banana factory. Banana oil. Banana republic. Peach. Peachy. Rhubarb. The rhubarbs. Rhubarb pill. Rhubarb and custards. Eton mess. Spotted dick. Gooseberry fool. Gooseberry bush. Blow a raspberry. Apples and pears. Apple of your eye. Big apple. Bad apple. Rotten apple. Adams apple. A right apple strudel. Making a complete apple strudel of it. Scrumping. Two melons in a bag. Cherry. Popped her cherry. Cheery boys. Cherries. Cheery picking. Second bite of the cheery. Life is just a bowl of cherries. Pomegranate. Pommy. Grapes. Sour grapes. Sour. Sour on. Sour planter. Sourpuss. Sourbelly. Sour-apple quickstep. Bittersweet. Bitter and twisted. Twist of lemon. Suck a lemon. A lemon. Lemon easy. Don’t give a fig. Pear shaped. Plumbs. Plumb tuckered out. Plum job. Plum tree. Plum-pudding. Plummy. Pumpkin. Pumpkin-face. Pumpkin head. Cucumber. Cool as a cucumber. Toss the salad. Salad dressing. Salad days. Wet lettuce. Bed of lettuce. Carrot. Carrot cruncher. Carrothead. Carrot-top. Carroty. Cabbage. Cabbage-eater. Cabbage patch. Cabbagehead. Cabbage leaf. Cabbage green. Cabbage water. Cabbage town. Cabbager. Turnip. Turnip head. Turnip greens. Turnip-pate. Turnip-snagger. Old turnip. Mushroom. Mushroom cloud. Fancies. Sweets. Sweet. Confection. Confectionary.  Sweet tooth. Sweet as candy. Sweet and sour. Savour. Savoury. Unsavoury. Unsavoury thoughts. Sugar. Sugar daddy. Sticky fingers. Vanilla sky. Honey. Honey trap. Tart. Tarty. Tart up. Tarted up. Tart about. Take the biscuit. Tough cookie. Toffee. Absolute toffee. Total toffee. Toffee nose. Sticky toffee.   Spotted dick. Syrup. Syrupy. Humbug. Bland. Spicy. Spice of life. Spice it up. Salt of the earth. Worth your salt. Juice. Juicy. Juice up. Juice fast. Jungle juice. Gastric juice. Vinegar tits. Vinegar pisser. Vinegar strokes. Gravy. Gravy street. Gravy train. Gravyboat. Gravy-eyed. Gravy-giver. Gravy-rider. Emulsion. Stock. Sauce. Saucy. Sauced. Sauce pot. Mustard pot. Mustard-and-cress. Mustard road. Cutting the mustard. Sausage. Silly sausage. Sausage factory. Sausage mill. Sausage school. Sausage jockey. Sausage smuggler. Banger. Bangers. Bean. Beanbag. Bean bandit. Beanbelly. Beanbrain. Bean-choker. Bean counter. Bean-date. Bean-eater. Beanfeast. Bean flicker. Bean-head. Bean time. Bean house. Bean wagon. Beanery. Bean town. Bean-tosser. Bean shooter. Beanpea. Beanpole. Bean queen. Beanie. French beans. Old bean. Give someone beans. Beans. Spill the beans. Beany. Pizza boy. Pizza delivery. Pizzaface. Pizza toppings. Pizzazz. Mash. Mashed. Mash-mash. Mash on. Mash up. Mash the fat. Spud. Spud-basher. Spud-bashing. Spudwater. Spud-gun. Mutton. Mutton-dagger. Mutton bayonet. Mutton gun. Mutton chops. Mutton-eye. Mutton-pies. Mutton-fed. Mutton-head. Mutton-monger. Mutton-shunter. Mutton-tugger. Muttontown. Muttoner. Mutton dress as lamb. Fish. Fish and chips. Fish and proper chips. Fish ‘n’ chip mob. Fish market. Fish oils. Fish mitten. Fish face. Fish-head. Fish-eater. Fish queen. Fish supper. Fish-tank. Fishy. Fishy about the gills. Fishy business. Packed like sardines. Red herring. Herring bone. Mad haddock. Trout. Old trout.  A queer fish. A bad fish. A wet fish. Fish fingers. A fish out of water. Other fish to fry. A pretty kettle of fish. Fish and find out. Fish for complements. Fish for food. Fish for zipper trout. Fish or cut bait. Lunch like a fish. Fishwife. Stinky fish. He eats no fish. Take the bait. Crabs. Lobster-back. Lobster-box. Raw lobster. Unboiled lobster. Lobster-palace society. Lobster-pot. Lobster-trick. Lobstertails. Boiled lobster. Boil one’s lobster. Neither fish, flesh, nor fowl. Rabbit, rabbit. Rabbit on. Rabbit food. Rabbit killer. Rabbit pie. Bur rabbit. Mr rabbit. Peter rabbit. Clever rabbit. Cotton tail. Bob tail. Little tail. Bunny. Bugs bunny. Harvey. Aniruddha and the golden rabbit. Coney. Leporidee. Lagomorpha. Produce a rabbit out of a hat. Eat more, care less. Meat-eaters. Corpse-eaters. Carrion-eaters. Eat no fat. Eat no lean. Eat my hat. Eat my head. Eat your pants. Eat my shorts. Eat my goal. Eat your greens. Eat to live. Live to eat. Eat and be happy. Eat yourself to death. Eat your heart out. Eaten up by emotion. Eat in. Eat out. Eating refusal. Eating rice from the same bowl. Compulsive eating. What’s eating you. Couldn’t eat another bite. Good enough to eat. All you can eat. Fussy eater. Eat out of house and home. Eating out of your hand.  Eating disorder. Eat shoots and leaves.  Eat your words. Cook the books. Kill it cook it eat it. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Bring home the bacon. Save your bacon. Save your skin. A skinful. Skin deep. By the skin of your teeth. Under the skin. Thick skin. Big boned. No bones. Boner. A bone to pick. A bone of contention. Bag of bones. Boning. Boned. Boney. Boned out. Bonehead. Bone dance. Bone down. Bone-house. Bone-in-the-valley. Bone in the throat. Bone lazy. Bone it off. Bone up. Bone-ache. Bone-butcher. Bone box. Bone-chiseller. Bone-bender. Bone-cleaner. Bone crusher. Bone smuggler. Bone-stroker. Bone phone. Bone-picker. Bone-polisher. Bone shop. Boneyard. Dry as a bone. To the marrow. Marrowbone and cleaver. Marrow pudding. Marrowfat. Toad in the hole. Pea. Pea and thimble. Pea-rigger. Two peas in a pod. Pea-brain. Pea-head. Pea sized. Small potatoes. Couch potato. Hot potato. Potato-head. Potato-eater. Potato mouth. Potato queen. Jacket potato. Plain jacket. Filled jacket. Bubble and squeak. Macaroni-queen. Macaroni with cheese. Good egg. Bad egg. Placenta. Rotten egg.  Egghead. Egg on. Egg sucker. Duck egg. Cock’s egg. Broken egg. Wet egg. Liquid whole egg. Long egg. Dry eggs. Barn egg. Scrambled egg. Like as two eggs. As eggs is eggs. Egg on your face. Eggs over easy. Sunny side up. Over egg the custard. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Walking on egg shells. Final meal request.  Making a meal of it. Mealy-mouthed. Flash in the pan. Got enough on your plate. Fork out. Pot. Potty.Potted. Pothead. Pot-shot. Pot-slinger. Pot bellied. Toss pot. Pot convert. Pot-boiler. Pot-guts. Pot-gutted. Pot-lick. Melting pot. To pot pork. Pots and dishes. A dish. Dish up. Dish out. Dishy. Bit of a dish. Dish water. Dish of the day. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Clear the dishes. Plates and dishes. Plate of meat. A lot on your plate. Offered on a plate. Clear your plate. Lick your plate. Step up to the plate. Scouse. Hotch potch. A hash. A pickle. Know your onions. Soup. Soup and fish. Soup and gravy. Souped. Souped-up. Souper. Soup jockey. Soup man. Soup-plate track. Soup-strainer. Soup up. Soupy. Soup kitchen. Soup of the day. Consume soup. In the soup. In a stew. Stew and hard. Stew bum. Stewed. Stewed as a prune. Stewed to the gills. Stock. Millet gruel. Bite the hand that feeds you. Bite your tongue. Bite your lip. Bite your bum. Bite the bullet. Bite your head off. Bite the dust. Bite it off. Bite my arse. Bite off more than you can chew. Healthy eating. Unhealthy food. Junk food. Food junky. Foody. Foodist. Raw foodists. Food preferences. Food intolerances. Food supplements. Food labeling. Food fraud. Food all day. Food fight. Food crisis. Food riots. Food stuffs. Food issues. Food fears. Food imports. Food basket. Food relief. Food phobic. Foodways. Food transnationals. Food-delivery. Food production. Food practices. Food cupboard. Fast food. Slow food. Staple food. Local food. Ethnic food. Pure food. Surplus food. Convenience food. Comfort food. Rude food. Food glorious food. Don’t pick at your food. Don’t play with your food. Sploshing. Messy food.  Food chain. Living food. Food industry. Brain food. Food miles. Food trials. Ethical food. Franken food. Baby food. Nursery food. Funeral food. Wolfing your food. Food for powder. Cannon fodder. You are what you eat. You are what you absorb. When the cows come home. Your goose is cooked. Goosed. Gooser. Goose flesh. What is sauce for the goose. Teaching your grandmother to suck eggs. Warm the cockles of your heart. One sandwich short of a picnic. If you can’t stand the heat keep out of the kitchen. Born with a silver spoon in your mouth. For what we are about to receive. You may be excused. You may leave the table. Remember its food not love. Hygiene. Moral hygiene. Pasteurised. Refrigerate. Preservative. Clean. Unclean. Contamination. Supplements. E numbers. Dirty dozen. Food colouring. Quinoline yellow. Tartrazine. Sunsetyellow fcf. Ponceau 4r. Carmoisine. Indigo carmine. Erythrosine. Amarnth. Brilliant blue fcf. Chocolate brown. Brown ht. Coal tar. Allura red. Patent blue V. Food greens s. Black pn. Fast red e. Escherichia coli 0157. Listeria. Salmonella. Campylobacter. MRSA. C-Diff. Clostridium perfringens. Noroviruses. Rotavirus gastroenteritis. Staphylococcuss aureus. Winter vomiting viruses. Bacteria. Friendly bacteria. Pro-biotics. Bugs. Superbugs. Lopus erthemastosus. Creutzfeldt-jakob. Bovine spongiform encephalopathy. Antimicrobials. Chlortetracyline. Tylosin. Oxytetracycline. Sulfame thazine. Bovine respiratory disease. Bloat. Audosis. Gastroenteritis. Anthrax. Scurvy. Rickets. Botulism. Colic. Irritable bowel syndrome. Ulcer. Cholesterol. Diabetes mellitus. Bulimia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa. Male anorexia. Pro-ana. Body dysmorphic disorder. Prader-Willi syndrome. Hypothalamic dysfunction. Hyperactivity. Food allergy. Yeast infections. Allergen-free. Urgot. Colonic irrigation. Gastric bypass. Liposuction. Abdominoplasty. Panniculectomy. Colostomy bag. Anabolic steroids. Plant steroids. Psyllium. Diallyl trisulfide. Allicin prostaglandins. Enzyme. Flavinoids. Antioxidants. Free radicals. Carotenoids. Beta-carotene. Lycopene. Dextrose. Carcinogenic. Pathogens. Toxic. Toxins. Detox. Detoxify. Detoxification. Intoxication. Intoxicant. Intoxicating. Metaboliser. Emulsifier. Raising agent. Firming agent. Acidity regulator. Sodium diacetate. Acetic acid. Citric acid. Sodium ferrocyanide. Ammonium bicarbonate. Maltodextrin. Mono-and-di-acetyitartic esters of mono and di-glycerides. Ester of glutamic acid. Mono sodium glutamate. Sodium metabisulphite. Hydrogenated oil. Trans fat. Trans fatty acids. Saturated fats.

John Yeadon April 2007