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Coventry/Dresden Arts Exchange: Governing Documents



Coventry/Dresden Arts Exchange is a personal initiative of John Yeadon and has been active since 01/06/2012. It was formed into an Unincorporated Artist Association on 01.04.2015.


Coventry was the world’s first twin city when it formed a twinning relationship with Stalingrad (Volgograd) in 1944. Links with Dresden were set up in 1956 and Coventry and formal twinning took place in 1959 as a gesture of peace and reconciliation.Coventry Council states with reference to Dresden, “Nowadays, both cities seek to build on the twinning relationship to promote the economic prosperity of the two cities….”

The Coventry/Dresden Arts Exchange believes that this statement lacks imagination given that Dresden is one of Europe’s foremost cultural centres with 800 artists working in the city.

Coventry/Dresden Arts Exchange believes that more needs and can be done in the cultural field with this international relationship, particularly the visual arts and that great benefits can accrue for artists and audiences alike in both cities. More often than not cultural initiatives come from the twin city abroad and there is rarely a reciprocal invitation from Coventry, however, this time the initiative comes from Coventry.


Coventry/Dresden Arts Exchange Constitution


Name The Group is named Coventry/Dresden Arts Exchange.

Purpose The Coventry/Dresden Arts Exchange is an artists-led grassroots initiative which seeks to develop dialogue between artists from the cities of Coventry and Dresden and to establish collaborative partnerships of exchanges, exhibitions, educational projects and forums.

The Coventry/Dresden Arts Exchange programme will provide opportunities for artists, art historians, curators and audiences, venues and organisations in both cities to participate. The focus is on the contemporary arts and developing access to them through events, exhibitions, exchanges, education, collaboration and partnerships.


  • To establish creative dialogue, collaboration and exchange between artists, curators, art historians and audiences in Coventry and Dresden
  • To facilitate the exchange of artists’ work and ideas
  • To broaden the cultural experiences and professional development of artists in both cities
  • To establish an arts exchange programme that is financially sustainable and lasts
  • To embrace a wide range of practice
  • To sustain and build upon existing cultural and friendship groups links between Coventry and Dresden.


Membership is inclusive and open to all Coventry-based artists who were born, live or work in Coventry or the surrounding area and support the aims of the group.

The ‘Group’ also welcomes those British artists who, though not based in Coventry, have a particular interest in the Coventry/Dresden relationship, German art history and/or peace and reconciliation between the two cities.

Membership may be withdrawn if it is believed the member is not acting in the best interests of the group.

There is no membership list at the moment. All Coventry artists are welcome at meetings.

If the Association disbands, any assets will be passed on to other voluntary nonprofit making art organisations in Coventry.

Annual date of AGM is set for mid April.


Association Officers

John Yeadon Chair

Cressida Haughton Secretary

Jane Howard Treasurer

All Officers of the Management Committee are allowed to vote on matters put before the Committee. All three are required for a quorum.



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