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Why Dresden?

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Why Dresden? Coventry was the world’s first twin city when it formed a twinning relationship with Stalingrad (Volgograd) in 1944. Dresden links were set up in 1956 and Coventry was formally twinned in 1959 as a gesture of peace and reconciliation. Coventry City Council states with reference to Dresden: “Nowadays, both cities seek to build on the twinning relationship to promote the economic prosperity of the two cities….“   Coventry/Dresden Arts Exchange believes more needs and can be done in […]

Introduction – Coventry/Dresden Arts Exchange

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Coventry/Dresden Arts Exchange   “Dresden was a great pleasure for me, it has revived my desire to think of art. This beautiful place is a treasure trove beyond belief.”  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe   The Coventry/Dresden Arts Exchange is an artist-led initiative founded in 2012 by John Yeadon from Coventry and his Dresden counterpart Jean Kirsten. The exchange programme seeks to develop dialogue and communication between artists from the cities of Coventry and Dresden and to establish collaborative partnerships of […]

WITCH workshop..

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In October of 2016, Yeadon ran a workshop at the National museum of computing in Bletchley Park, Milton Keyes. A gallery of this workshop can be found here. A video made by NMOC “The story of the WITCH, the world’s oldest working digital computer” features Yeadon. View it here.