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Coventry/Dresden Arts Exchange

John Yeadon and Associates featured in Dresden Magazine celebrating the Coventry/Dresden Arts Exchange: http://www.dresden.de/de/leben/stadtportrait/europa/partner/coventry/arts-exchange.php          

“John Yeadon Coventry & Jean Kirsten Dresden”

As part of Coventry Dresden Arts Exchange activity, here is a video documenting a pair of complementary exhibitions that took place in Johannstadall in Dresden in 2013 .. Englandia  John Yeadon and Tanzt!  Jean Kirsten.   Vernissage John Yeadon Coventry & Jean Kirsten Dresden          


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ELBHANGFEST: Coventry-Dresden Arts Exchange: Exhibition in Dresden, Germany Artists - John Yeadon, Matthias Bausch, Mandy Havers, Kerstin Franke-Gneuß, Cressida Haughton, Karen Koschnick, Matthew Macaulay, Volker Lenkeit, Joanne Bannister, Christian Manss, Ashley Spindler, Kornelia Thümmel, David Beaumont, Monika Marten.